‘MAFS’ Justin Facing Backlash For Lashing Out At Season 15 Reunion!

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Married At First Sight’s Justin is getting a lot of backlash for his behavior towards co-star Nate during the season 15 reunion.

During the season 15 reunion, Justin and Alexis opened up about what went down during their honeymoon. Host Kevin Frazier asked the duo if they consummated their marriage during their honeymoon and they said yes. This was much sooner than what was reported on the show and Alexis revealed that Justin wanted to keep that fact a secret. When the host turns to Alexis, she says, “Don’t look at me.” Before Justin responds, “Yes, we consummated our marriage on the honeymoon. We tried to,” Alexis adds, “We dabbled in a lot of adult things.”

Kevin Frazier

Justin clarified, “In her eyes, it wasn’t very long. In my eyes, I’m like you penetrate. I penetrate. And that’s what it was. Whatever she wants to call it, we had sex on the first night of the honeymoon. We had sex on the third night of the honeymoon. Like, we orgasmed.” However, Alexis’ face said otherwise, forcing Justin to add, “It sounded like you did.” She continued to say, “I did. If that’s the story Justin wants, then I’m fine with that.”

Justin also revealed that he unfollowed most of the Married At First Sight stars and told viewers that he has a problem with Nate because he thinks he is a fraud. Justin then says Nate tried to hit on him when he complimented his skin and teeth. The two get into a heated back and forth, which escalates quickly, and the crew gets involved to separate the two men. Alexis tries to calm Justin down but he continues to mutter under his breath that Nate is phony.

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Fans found Justin’s behavior uncalled for when Nate was just trying to be nice to him. “Kevin said it best. A man complimenting another man doesn’t mean he’s gay. Take notes Justin. Toxic masculinity and homophobia isn’t acceptable and there’s no excuses for this in 2022,” one viewer noted. Another viewer added, “Let’s be honest: Nate gave Justin those compliments because he recognized that Justin may suffer from self-worth issues. He was doing it to boost his self-esteem.”

A Married At First Sight viewer reacted to Justin’s outburst during the reunion and said, “This entire reunion was Justin’s sad attempt at coming across as macho, tough & masculine but Alexis looks embarrassed and exhausted from his outbursts. He’ll be single until he’s secure and can self regulate.”

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