‘RHOBH’ Fans Slam Kyle Richards After Erika Jayne Reveals She Was ‘Glad’ Sister Kathy was Exposed!

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Kyle Richards is being called out by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans, who aren’t convinced that she wasn’t in cahoots with co-star, Lisa Rinna, to orchestrate the Season 12 drama involving her sister, Kathy Hilton.

A January photo posted on Kyle’s Instagram account sparked lots of fan chatter as Season 12 wrapped. Kyle and Lisa Rinna happily beamed for the camera in the snowy snap, which appeared to be taken amid the unfolding drama between Rinna and Kyle’s sister. 

Fans know that drama exploded during a cast getaway after several of the ladies visited a local Aspen nightclub. Erika Jayne, Sutton Stracke, Diana Jenkins, and Dorit Kemsley all witnessed snippets of Kathy’s alleged  “meltdown,” but it was Rinna who pushed the narrative into the spotlight after accompanying Kathy back to her sister’s house. 

Rinna said—“She said things like ”I am going to take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down this show, single-handedly, I will f***ing ruin you all.”’

Erika Jayne

Last month, Erika Jayne implicated Kyle in released bonus footage, captured during the cast finale dinner. The ladies were discussing details and subsequent media leaks surrounding Kathy’s alleged “psychotic break,” when Erika revealed that Kyle had told her that she was “glad” that her sister was exposed.  

“I can just say when all of this was going down, Kyle said to me, ‘I’m glad that people are seeing this,’” Erika shared.

Kyle Richards

Kyle quickly interjected, reminding her co-star—“By the way, that was between us by the way, Erika. Thanks.”

The cut scene also featured Kyle explaining herself in a confessional spot.

“If I share something in confidence, I don’t expect you to share it with the group, and yes, I was relieved that someone else saw what I have to endure sometimes and yes, I did say that because I was very hurt by my sister and I was angry,” she said.

Kyle added—“I don’t want [Erika] to share that with everyone.”


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Fans flocked back to Kyle’s 10-month-old photo to put the reality star on blast, in the wake of Erika’s comment. Kyle captioned the photo— “You better believe we’re gonna talk about it 💅🏻 🫖 💎 ❄️

Fans called out both Bravo stars for allegedly teaming up to “take down” Kathy. 

One person wrote—“Oh woah Lisa looks SO TRAUMATIZED in this picture! And looks like you are A OK with her behavior.”

Another asked–“@lisarinna is this after you were so shook by such an insane mental break?”

Lisa Rinna

One follower pointed out—“Rinna so shook here after her traumatizing encounter with Kathy. #bs

Another fan chimed in—“So you are clearly team Rinna. You are a vile person to take down your own sister. I bet you two planned the whole thing together.”

A third said—“Wonder if this is when she told Erika she’s happy someone’s going after her sister..”

Kyle Richards

One viewer wanted to know—“Well this didn’t age well. Exactky whaf were you referring to heree @kylerichards18 ???”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus. 

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