Marlo Thomas ‘Fat Shames’ Sherri Shepherd — Upsets ‘Sherri’ Staffers!

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Marlo Thomas triggered Sherri employees after she “fat-shamed” host, Sherri Shepherd, during an appearance on her chat show, Page Six reports. 

Marlo Thomas

On Tuesday, the ‘That Girl’ star appeared on Sherri’s new talk show to promote her upcoming holiday film, ‘Magical Christmas Village,’ among other projects. 

Staffers were shocked when Marlo brought up a previous meeting with the host.  

“I interviewed you for my AOL show [‘Mondays with Marlo’],” Marlo recalled, adding “and you used to be a big woman!”

Marlo Thomas

Marlo illustrated her memory by using hand gestures and blowing out her cheeks to imitate Sherri’s former physique. 

“You’ve lost a lot of weight, but you’ve still got the boobies! That’s good,” she said.

Sherri, who confirmed that she’d “lost like 35 pounds” laughed along with her guest, but the host’s staffers did not find Marlo’s comments amusing.

Sherri was a good sport, but people [at the show] are very protective of her,” the insider said.

They added— “People were not happy that she fat shamed her on national TV. It was a like a slap in the face.”

Sherri Shepherd

The workers were supposedly “very vocal” about how they felt about Marlo’s remarks.

Last year, Sherri told People magazine that the “goal is to be living a long and active life with my son Jeffrey, who shares the same birthday as me,” after shedding 20 pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“She works really hard at creating a very positive environment. Morale [at work] is everything to her, so people sort of went into mama bear mode,” the source added.

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri continued to laugh off the interaction after some viewers sounded off on Twitter about the awkward episode. 

One Twitter user said—“At least you know @MarloThomas keeps it real… lmao I almost fell out my chair laughing.”

“You never know what’s gonna happen on #Sherri!,” Sherri replied, adding a laughing emoji.

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri responded with laughter again after another viewer described Marlo as “those elders in the Black church. Just saying stuff that would offend if she were your peer, but you roll with it ’cause she’s an elder! You can say whatever you want after 84 trips around the sun.”

“{Just] as it came off on television, Sherri laughed off the comment,” the host’s rep told the outlet. 

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri’s new show replaced The Wendy Williams Show on September 12. Sherri told The Jasmine Brand that she was inspired by talk show giants,  Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres.  

Sherri said—“A little bit of Ellen. A little bit of inspiration of Oprah, a lot of the laughter of Ellen and put that together, and then you got Sherri and I am like, ‘let’s go.’”

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