90 Day Fiancé’s Micheal Ilesanmi Lies to Angela Deem To Score Make-Up Sex!

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Things were looking up for Angela Deem and Micheal Ilesanmi during Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? — until Michael confessed to a blatant lie.

In a surprise twist, TLC featured Michael and Angela waking up together after a night of passion. The unexpected scene came after Angela tried to rip her husband’s car apart in a blind rage, upon her surprise arrival in Nigeria. The controversial TLC star traveled across the globe to hash out a conflict over her husband using Instagram to generate an income.   

Michael came clean and told his wife that he had lied to her to get her between the sheets, assuming that it would put her in a better mood for an upcoming difficult conversation. 

Michael told Angela that he planned to delete his social media profile after months of arguments over the issue before they spent the night together.    

“I did tell Angela last night that I was gonna take down the Instagram to convince her to be sweet with me,” Michael told cameras. “But I really don’t intend to take it down.”

Michael admitted that he had no intention of deleting his Instagram account, as he hoped to bring in cash as an influencer.   

“Of course, I feel bad lying to her. But I did it because I thought if I could put her in a better mood, then, it will be better to talk to her about keeping my social media,” he added. 

Michael brought up the subject the next morning, pointing out why it was important to maintain a presence on social media. 

“Baby, you know I love you and I care about you, but you need to understand my own opinion,” he said. “I want us to have a double income.”

Angela, who was convinced that Michael used Instagram to flirt with other women, immediately fired back—”And I told you no.”

Angela connected the dots and became livid that Michael had lied to score make-up sex. 

“You knew exactly what you were doing for you to f— me. All the s— we’ve been through, this was your masterpiece,” Angela said. “You’re not that goddamn nice, Michael. You’re nice when you wanna be. But when there’s something you wanna do, you don’t give a f—.”

Michael replied—”It’s not all about you. You have a partner now, which is I, myself.”

Angela Deem

Angela explained her perspective in a personal interview, reiterating her upset over Michael’s dishonesty. 

“How can you love me if you just use me for sex? I feel like a piece of s—,” she said. “Like a w—- on the f—ing street that didn’t get paid. Prostitutes get more respect than Michael gave me.”

Angela stormed out, and Michael suggested that they both remove their social media profiles as he chased her down.   

“Well, I don’t have to take mine down because I didn’t betray you,” Angela replied. “You did all of this to me.” 

Micheal Ilesanmi

Michael pointed out the obvious, in a confessional spot.

“She won’t delete her social media for me,” he said. “So why should I delete mine for her?” 

Watch the clip below!

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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