Christina Haack Pissed With Ex Ant Anstead For Sharing ‘Disgusting’ Article!

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Flip or Flop star, Christina Haack, is slamming her ex, Ant Anstead, for sharing an article about their son, Hudson!

Christina, 39, took to her Instagram account to call out her ex for promoting an article by Psychology Today on his page. Ant posted the article with the caption, “What an utterly brilliant article by @hleveyfriedman calling for an urgent change in the law to protect our kids.” Since his split from Haack, Ant has accused his ex of exploiting their child. Haack found out about the post and responded through her Instagram saying, “It was just brought to my attention Hudson’s father is promoting this article on his page, but with clap hands …. This makes this even more bizarre and disturbing.” She continued in her post, “Ant Anstead is so clearly projecting it’s not even funny. He is the ONLY ONE that keeps ensuring that Hudson’s name stays in the press. Hudson’s Law? Give me a break.”

The mother of three also said that Ant, 43, was using their child for publicity. “That sweet, little boy is healthy and happy-why is he being leveraged and USED by his father like this? After all the articles @psych_today as posted about Post-Separation Abuse, you’d think an editor somewhere would have seen through this, and left Hudson out of this article. Absolutely disgusting.” Christina also called out the author of the article, Hilary Levey Friedman, Ph.D., for their poor journalism. 

Christina Haack

The Flip or Flop alum told the author, “Hilary, find a new narrative centered around facts, not the Instagram comment section. You could have read the public court filings from both sides before writing this. Most of it is completely inaccurate and sounds more like a tabloid than something I would expect from a Ph.D.” Haack defended herself, adding that she only films with her children for an hour max every couple of months. The reality star argued that it’s nothing compared to other parents who film their children 24/7 for cameras like the kids in TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. Christina concluded by saying that her show is about home improvement and not her children, so there is no point for “Hudson’s Law.”

Haack and Ant got married in 2018, but their time together didn’t last long and they split in 2020. The former couple finalized their divorce in June 2021 amid a custody battle for their son, Hudson. Christina got secretly married to Joshua Hall in April 2022 while her ex, Ant, is dating Renée Zellweger.   

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