Lisa Rinna Hits Back After Garcelle Beauvais Allegedly Says that Co-Star Should be FIRED from ‘RHOBH!’

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Lisa Rinna fired back at Garcelle Beauvais after her co-star allegedly claimed that Bravo should cut her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa Rinna

The 59-year-old actress took to Instagram to say that she would never “wish someone to be fired,” in response to Garcelle’s alleged remarks.  

Rinna admitted to tossing Garcelle’s tell-all memoir, ‘Love Me As I Am,’ in the trash during Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion series after she clashed with her cast mate throughout Season 12. Fans were led to believe that it was Erika Jayne who ditched the read, but Rinna copped to the diss during Wednesday’s episode, explaining that Erika had only uploaded the video to her own Instagram Story. 

Garcelle Beauvais

Rinna confessed after host, Andy Cohen, addressed the trashed memoir. 

“Well, I have to be honest. I’m the one that tossed Garcelle’s book in the trash,” Rinna revealed.

Rinna confirmed that her action was due to the book’s mention of her daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin’s eating disorder. Garcelle explained that they took care of the issue with a second edition, which was printed without mention of the model’s body image problems.  

Lisa Rinna

“One thing I would never do is wish someone be fired and take away their income,” Rinna wrote in her Story. 

The former soap opera actress went on to write that she had no plan to leave the show, stating that he had “nothing to fear” and that she “can work with Any of them.”

Rinna ripped Garcelle for her alleged comment, writing—“I would never think I have the power to get someone fired nor would I ever want to.”

Lisa Rinna

Garcelle is not the only celebrity who has seemingly had enough of Rinna’s messy antics.  

RHOBH alum, Denise Richards, took to her Instagram Story to weigh in on her former friend after Andy Cohen called out Rinna’s “disastrous” social media behavior in the second part of the reunion series. 

Denise wrote—“I watched #RHOBH last night. While I have empathy for Lisa Rinna losing her mom. What is her excuse all the other years on the show for being so cruel & so vindictive?”

Lisa Rinna

Fans know that Rinna is embroiled in a feud with Kathy Hilton, who recently revealed that she would not return to the show if Rinna and Erika remained on the cast. 

“I had said that I would only be willing to come back if the cast changed,” the socialite told TMZ.

Kathy added—“If it was completely the same, absolutely not. Because I feel they are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls.”

Erika Jayne

Rinna responded to Kathy’s cutting remarks on her Instagram Story Friday, per a Page Six report. 

“I’m a firm believer that the truth will always come out,” the Bravo star wrote. “You might as well save yourself the energy and just be honest from the start.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion continues Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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