Camille Grammer Fires Back After Kyle Richards Disses Her On Live TV!

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Camille Grammer fired back at Kyle Richards last week after her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star dissed her social media moniker, @TheRealCamilleG. 

Camille spotlighted Kyle’s nipped and tucked face in a pointed social media post after the ‘Halloween’ actress took a shot at her during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

“Isn’t that any oxymoron?” the RHOBH star asked host, Andy Cohen, suggesting that Camille didn’t reflect a “Real” persona.   

Kyle Richards

Camille, 54, responded by tweeting side-by-side snaps of her former co-star’s ever-changing facial features, captured over the years. 

Camille tweeted — “I’ll give her ‘oxymoron’ mocking my Twitter name 😂 Who’s the ‘real’ KR.” 

The snarky tweet raked in more than 11k “likes.”

Fan reaction to Camille’s post was mixed, as some fans believed that the ex “Housewife” hit below the belt.

One fan wrote — “This is so LOW!!!! Like she’s so much more successful than you will EVER BE!”

Camille doubled down by responding to the user with a throwback photo of Kyle. 

Another viewer pointed out that Kyle leaned heavily on Camille for a storyline during RHOBH Season 1. 

The fan tweeted, “Kyle needs to remember without you she would have been a flop first season. You were her storyline.”

Camille cosigned the observation with an “Amen!”

Kyle Richards

While some fans didn’t appreciate Camille’s harsh commentary, others defended her response.  

One person wrote—“How is it low? It’s public domain. Kyle is a public figure. She wants to be sassy on tv, she can take sassy back.”

Another chimed in— “How is this low? It is merely Kyle’s face in its ‘factory settings’, as the good lord made her.”

Kyle and Camille’s most recent beef dates back to 2021. Camille dished that Kyle was the person responsible for spreading gossip about Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne’s financial issues, in 2019. 

“To set the record straight it was Kyle who told me Tom was in trouble during @Andy baby shower,” Camille tweeted in October 2021.

“I was surprised that Kyle was acting chummy chummy with Erika,” she added. “Erika even when [sic] on to call Kyle the Queen of #RHOBH Crazy rt [sic]?!?!”

Kyle Richards

Kyle denied the allegation and claimed that Camille and former RHOBH star, Lisa Vanderpump, were behind the rumor. 

“This is so contrived 😂 ,” Kyle wrote on Instagram at the time. “These two [are] talking about RHOBH more than the ACTUAL cast does #thankyou.”

Camille alleged that an unidentified “Housewife” was chattering about Tom and Erika’s financial turmoil, in 2019. Lisa Vanderpump, 62, later outed Kyle as the purported gossip monger. 

Kyle shut down the allegation for a second time, denying all involvement in the chatter.   

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