Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff Throws Social Media Shade at Matt Roloff Amid Bitter Family Feud!

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Tori Roloff threw shade at her father-in-law, Matt Roloff, on social media after a preview of the upcoming season of Little People, Big World updated fans on the ongoing family feud. The reality star shared a series of photos on her Instagram Story, showcasing her family enjoying a fall visit to a rival farm, amid Roloff Farms’ own pumpkin season.  

Tori Roloff

The 31-year-old TLC star posted a snap of her three children, Jackson, 5, Lilah, 2, and Josiah, 5 months, posing alongside the pumpkins. She captioned the first shot “Instagram” before sharing a second photo, revealing the kids not cooperating with the photo session. 

Tori wrote, “I’m just so thankful the whole family made it to the pumpkin patch today!”

Another photo featured Jackson and Lilah poking their heads through a cardboard cutout, at the farm. The mom of three geotagged Washington farm, Pomeroy Farm, confirming that she and husband, Zach Roloff, had steered clear from Roloff Farms. 

The previous season of the popular series highlighted Matt’s feud with Zach and his ex, Amy, over his decision to sell off a portion of the farm property to an outsider, after failing to strike a deal with two of his sons.  

The sneak peek of the upcoming season teased Matt and girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, discussing “Plan B” regarding Matt’s future plan for the family land. The TLC patriarch put a 16-acre parcel of the property on the market on May 12, for $4 million.

Amy Roloff

The preview also revealed that Caryn had not been allowed to meet Zach and Tori’s newborn son. Amy asked the couple about their potential involvement in the seasonal family business, in the sneak peek. 

“Are you doing anything with Pumpkin Season this year?” Amy asked, during a visit with Zach and Tori.  

“I feel like it’s going to be a hostile environment,” Zach admitted to Amy’s husband, Chris Marek. 

“The farm is not a place of joy for me anymore,” Tori shared in a confessional spot. 

Zach Roloff

Zach revealed that Caryn had yet to meet their third child, later in the preview. 

“Everyone’s met Josiah but we don’t have plans for Caryn to meet Josiah,” he said. 

Zach added—“Like they still think they did nothing wrong.”

Matt Roloff

Matt confirmed the ongoing family feud in his own personal interview. 

Zach and Tori have really isolated themselves from me and Cha Cha,” he commented.

“This whole thing has been painful,” Caryn added. “The fact that it’s still going on is heartbreaking.”

Tori Roloff

Tori stated—“Caryn tells other people that she’s waiting for our olive branch. That olive branch…the dove took it to another island.”

The new season of Little People, Big World premieres Tuesday, November 1 at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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