RHOP’s Mia Thornton Accuses Brothers-In-Law of STEALING All Her Money… Leaving Her Broke!

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Real Housewives of Potomac star, Mia Thornton, took to Instagram on Thursday to claim that her husband, Gordon Thornton’s brothers had “robbed [them] of everything [they] own.”

Mia Thornton

Mia and Gordon operate The Joint Chiropractic, a chain of chiropractic clinics. The reality star alleged that Gordon’s siblings “recently revoked his access to the company bank account” while the couple was “out of the country.”

Mia dropped the bombshell allegation on Thursday, telling fans and followers—“I’ve since learned that my salary will no longer continue past this next payroll cycle due to my unwavering loyalty to Gordon.”

She asked her followers for support, writing—“Please pray for our family.”

Mia Thornton

The 37-year-old stated that her husband had put faith in his brothers “to support and carry on the family legacy.”

Mia alleged that “the person who Gordon selected to run [their] empire and who he thought would be the one to care for [her] and the kids has now manipulated the organizational structure.”

Mia Thornton

Mia added that she and her husband had “built this company from the ground up and brought on family Members since 2013.” Mia and Gordon share a combined four children. 

“Never would we think that after a decade of building generational wealth and opportunities would end up being taken from us overnight,” the Bravo star wrote.


Mia Thornton

Mia’s fans chimed in with messages of support, and the post received over 5,000 “likes.”

An individual repping The Joint Chiropractic’s corporate communications department did not address Mia’s allegations, telling Page Six — “As a matter of privacy, we do not discuss the details of our franchisees’ personal matters. All inquiries should be directed to the clinic owner-operators.”

Mia admitted that she had “been going through it” and that “life at times feels impossible.” 

Mia Thornton

“I love seeing our #rhop fans in our offices but I won’t be running into you all for a little bit, I don’t even feel comfortable recommending you continue to visit without having a direct influence on the operations,” she explained.

“I’ve never experienced such pain, I practically birth these clinics so I’m feeling defeated right now.”

The Bravo personality vowed to “fight this fight and regain [her] #power,” adding that “God has been preparing [her] for the ultimate fight of [her] life.”

Mia Thornton

Mia went through a cancer scare in February and shared the health update with her fans on Instagram. She confirmed that she had come “out of it,” in an interview with Essence, which was published Friday. 

“I am doing ok. I’m good. I’m much better. I’m out of it,” she told the outlet. “Having to talk about it now, sometimes makes me feel not so ok just because it was the hardest time of my life and I’ve been through a lot, so you can only imagine. It was also a trying time for our marriage. My husband [Gordon] was very scared and worried.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 premieres on October 9 at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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