Crystal Minkoff Called Out For Fake Wokeness After Disrespecting Michael Jackson!

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Crystal Kung-Minkoff landed in hot water with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans after she shaded co-star, Kathy Hilton, for requesting a Michael Jackson song during a night out in Aspen. 

RHOBH alum, Teddi Mellencamp, confirmed that Kathy’s nightclub “breakdown” occurred after the club’s DJ shot down her request for Michael Jackson’s hit, “Billie Jean.”

“…it was because she went up to the DJ and asked him to play “Billie Jean” and he — you know has DJs are, especially famous DJs. When they’re in the middle of a set, they don’t want some random, or even some famous socialite, coming and telling them what to play so he said ‘no’ and that set her off,” Teddi told co-host, Tamra Judge, during an episode of the duo’s podcast, “Two Ts in a Pod,” last month. 

Crystal Minkoff

Crystal weighed in on Kathy’s request during the most recent episode of the Bravo show. 

“Am I surprised some of these women don’t know that requesting Michael Jackson is problematic these days?” Crystal wondered in a confessional spot. “No…but what am I, just a millennial.”

Crystal’s co-stars appeared shocked by Crystal’s stance on the deceased artist, and a few even gave kudos to Jackson’s 1983 mega-hit. 

Michael Jackson

Jackson was accused of molesting several young boys in the 90s but was never found guilty. HBO’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ put a repeat spotlight on the accusations in 2019. 

Fans took to social media to let Crystal know how they felt about her dissing the King of Pop. 

One Twitter user wrote—“Crystal, sit down. Michael Jackson’s music is not problematic.  You might be, not MJ.  You’re always two seconds off of being clipped from this show.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Another tweeted—“Umm…why is requesting Michael Jackson problematic? I’m more than a decade younger than Crystal, and have zero clue what she’s talking about.” 

One fan wrote—“Getting quite sick of this wokeness from Crystal…so easily triggered by random things. I’m a millennial as well and there is nothing with requesting a song from Michael Jackson. WTF!”

Another fired—“Crystal, DO NOT COME FOR MICHAEL JACKSON! EVER!!!”

Crystal Minkoff

A viewer said—“Crystal saying “playing Michael Jackson is problematic nowadays” ????? wtf is this bitch talking about.”

Another tweeted—“Crystal: “Am I surprised some of these women don’t know listening to Michael Jackson is problematic these days?” Oh shut the fuck up Crystal.”

A third chimed in—“Crystal need her ass whooped. Don’t disrespect Michael Jackson.” 

Crystal Minkoff

One RHOBH fan said—“Bravo @KathyHiltonfor requesting Billie Jean. The DJ that refused to play it, it shows how bad DJ he is. But having Crystal throwing “it’s problematic to requesting Michael Jackson these days”I t’s a upsetting. Stop the BS! Problematic is to accuse an innocent dead man.”

Another wrote—“Requesting Michael Jackson is problematic this days? Crystal shut UP. Don’t disrespect the king.”

A viewer said—“Wait a fucking second, did Crystal really call Michael Jackson problematic ??? bitch he’s MJ the king  of pop, you’re who ?? Some housewife giving bland boring AF vibes. Shut the fuck up Crystal. Have some respect for MJ.” 

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Another tweeted—“Ummm, Crystal?! What planet are you on. Michael Jackson is forever King. Millennials didn’t believe the lies, sweetie. Right when I start to like you, you say/do something questionable. Sigh.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays, at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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