Kyle Richards Says Kathy Hilton Using Homophobic Slur Is A Lie That Lisa Rinna Made up!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards, is defending her sister Kathy against damning rumors!

While filming season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, rumors began circulating that Kathy Hilton called Sutton’s assistant a homophobic slur. However, during the September 28 RHOBH: AfterShow, Kyle clarified that this rumor was not true while recounting Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen. She referenced the lie by saying, “I started reading lies in the tabloids. The things online that said what my sister said were not said. It was directed towards me. Some people were saying she said something about Sutton’s assistant. It said something about when he was moving Sutton’s luggage… he wasn’t even in Aspen.”

Kyle Richards

Kyle added, “It’s one thing to say what really happened, and another thing for people to be creating and inventing things that my sister said that could be very damaging that actually weren’t true.” Sutton also denied the rumors about her assistant and clarified that he was never there, to begin with. “Josh, my assistant—he actually has a bigger job than that but I do like to keep him around — Josh was not in Aspen. He was never there. So that can be squashed.” Stracke also addressed the allegations by replying to a fan and called it “ridiculous.”

Sutton also noted that Josh and Kathy like and respect each other. In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathy apologized for her nasty comments about her sister. According to Lisa Rinna, Kathy said, “I have to do everything around here. This is my show, by the way. I have big deals over at NBC. Everyone is protecting me. And I will f–king ruin Kyle.” The Rinna Beauty owner also claimed her Bravo co-star had talked badly about the other ladies on the reality show. Lisa said in a confessional, “It was a barrage of, ‘I f–king can’t believe that I have to be around you f–king peons. I don’t like them, why do I have to be with them? They need to go away. They’re idiots.'”

Kathy Hilton

Rinna also said that Kathy called Dorit a “stupid useless idiot.” Kathy Hilton also came after Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton, saying they were “pieces of sh*t” who should be ‘f**king fired.” During the September 28 episode, Kathy apologized to her sister for the nasty things she said while they were in Aspen. 

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