‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: Toya Mushes Newbie Audra in the Face During Fight!

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On this week’s episode of Married to Medicine, the crew is still at Quad Webb’s Holi-Slay party and things have taken a turn for the worst! Anila Sajja, Toya Bush-Harris, and their friends are in a screaming match and everyone’s trying their best to get things under control! Dr. Heavenly Kimes gives Toya the tea on the rumor in the neighborhood and Toya clocks in! Toya wants to know who said it and now Anila and her friend are silent! The ladies admit there’s a rumor around, but now, no one wants to answer any questions. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe tells Toya to tell Dr. Eugene Harris immediately and Toya does just that! Toya even tells Anila’s mama on her, and I am on the floor! Toya also shades Audra Curry which gives Audra the queue to get in Toya’s face. Dr. Simone Whitmore tries to get Dr. Martin Curry to get his wife, but it’s too late. Audra begins getting closer and yelling, and soon enough, Toya mushes Audra in her face!

Audra tries to hit Toya back, but Eugene moves Toya in the nick of time! The room erupts, and soon, Quad’s aunt gets upset for the ladies disrespecting Quad’s house. Simone gathers the ladies and soon everyone heads home. Dr. Damon Kimes escorts Heavenly to the car and is happy she wasn’t in the middle this time. Dr. Jackie Walters thinks Heavenly was being messy, but I wonder if Jackie will say that to Heavenly’s face. Eugene explains to Quad what happened, and Quad now understands Toya was defending herself. Audra explains her side to Anila while Contessa chats with Toya outside. Toya’s upset but thinks she handled herself well, LOL. The next day, Toya talks to Eugene about Quad’s party and Eugene thinks the ladies are trying to distract Toya from her progress.

Dr. Scott Metcalfe and Dr. Contessa are working at their practice while Contessa tries to get more sleep. Anila is at home lighting the fireplace as Audra and Dr. Heavenly stop by to visit. Audra explains that every time she’s around Toya there’s a problem, and Anila thinks Toya should be on a budget, instead of checking Audra about her clothes. Anila and Heavenly give Audra props on her failed read on Toya and Audra almost breaks a nail complaining about Toya, SMH. 

Toya, Simone, and Contessa are at dinner as Toya explains her point of view. Simone thinks Toya hit Audra first, but Toya thinks a mush isn’t a hit, LOL. Anila tells Heavenly that she started the drama and Heavenly wanted Toya to know so she can address it and squash it. Anila claims she didn’t start the rumor but Heavenly addresses the fact that Anila brought her messy friend. Anila says she brought Zaina innocently, but we all know that’s a lie. Contessa’s upset that Anila started the rumor but Simone’s more upset that Heavenly started the drama. Simone asks how Eugene feels and Toya already talked to Eugene about the issue. Toya thought the ladies were talking about Quad, revealing that Quad supposedly slept with her contractor. 

Toya reminds us that Heavenly spilled the beans about Quad sleeping with married men and Contessa is shocked! Toya laughs in her confessional about Quad wanting free tile and Contessa’s tired of the attack on marriages. The next day, the doctors are working in their offices, starting the workday right. Dr. Damon sees a patient whose having shoulder pain while Dr. Scott sees a patient who has knee pain. It’s nice to see the doctors do what they love and show us their daily activities. Later that day, Anila is at home complaining about washing dishes as her mother comes down to complain about the stairs. Anila tells her mom that she has a busy day and that she needs to talk to her about whether or not the extra help is working out. 

Anila feels like they disagree too much but doesn’t clean up how she’s supposed to. Anila complains about the extra work and it’s clear that this is Anila’s only storyline this season. Anila’s mom laughs at her as she mocks Anila throughout the kitchen. Anila doesn’t like her mom being on her back and that’s the real issue. Anila asks for space and her mom walks away without anything being resolved. That evening, Contessa goes to the gym to meet her trainer, Abdul. Contessa’s competition is a few weeks away and she’s beginning to get nervous. Abdul wants Contessa to pay attention to detail and to have someone there to help Contessa with posing and her figure. 

Contessa meets Baki and thinks he’s fine with his purple hair. Baki helps Contessa walk in heels and Contessa has a lot more work to do, LOL. Baki helps Contessa walk more naturally and pose with confidence. Let’s hope Contessa’s ready for the competition, we’re rooting for her! Quad’s home cooking with her mama Mary and nephew Mason as his mom Monica comes to visit. It’s Mason’s dad’s birthday and they are celebrating him tonight. Quad understands how hard it’s been for Mason, but she wants to make sure he’s happy. The family says grace and eats as Monica reminisces about Mason’s dad. After dinner, they go outside and release balloons for Quad’s brother and it’s really a nice moment. 

The next day, Dr. Jackie is at the office as she meets with a potential employee. Dr. Jackie began interviewing for another doctor because her business is expanding, and she needs more help. The interview seemed to go well, and I hope Dr. Jackie gets the help she’s looking for. That evening, Anila visits Dr. Kiran Sajja at his office to get some fillers. Anila’s stressed and thinks she looks ten years older since her parents arrived. Dr. Kiran takes care of Anila as she explains being at her wit’s end with her mom. 

Anila wants to figure out a way to get her parents to leave and admits to Kiran that he was right all along. Kiran suggests calling Ms. Gomez to see if she’s willing to come back and I think that’s a terrible idea, SMH. Later, we see on Anila’s phone that her house has been robbed! Anila’s crying as she shows us the damage and Anila’s devastated! Toya sees Anila’s Instagram post and Eugene worries about Anila’s kids. Simone updates Cecil on Anila’s situation and Quad’s chatting with Heavenly about Anila being in shambles! 

Anila had a lot of irreplaceable items that were taken, but the ladies are grateful that no one was home at the time. Anila thinks the robbery was planned and Eugene thinks Anila may have some enemies out there. The ladies now wonder whether the guard may have let someone in, and Quad insinuates Toya set Anila up. This is going to get worse before it gets better, SMH. Be sure to come back next week to see what goes down on a new episode of Married to Medicine! 


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