‘RHOA’ RECAP: Tyrone Surprises Shereé at Her Fashion Show!

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On the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss and Blaze are riding around ATL, while Drew Sidora chats with Mama Jeanette. Kenya Moore is discussing her new deal with the head of sales and Kenya Moore Hair Care will be in 5,000 CVS stores! Kenya thanks her team and is ecstatic about the work she accomplished! Marlo Hampton and her nephews visit Sanya Richards-Ross and Aaron Ross to bond and to get the boys out of the house. Ross offered to spend time with William and Michael and will be teaching them how to change a flat tire and the oil of a car. Sanya bought the boys custom mechanic outfits, and the boys seem excited for what’s to come. 

As Ross takes the boys outside, Marlo and Sanya begin cooking as Marlo reveals her fragile relationship with her mother. Apparently, Marlo’s mama has a mouth on her, too, and even went around the neighborhood to bad mouth Marlo before. Sanya wonders why Marlo’s mom is staying in a hotel instead of Marlo’s place, but it’s clear these two hens shouldn’t share a space anytime soon. Marlo’s willing to give her mother another chance and the boys are outside getting their hands dirty while the women finish cooking. Everyone eats after the boys finish their duties and Sanya tells Marlo that she’s made an appointment to remove her IUD. Ross and Sanya talked about it and when Ross agreed to be on Sanya’s time, Sanya decided the time to make another baby was NOW, LOL. 

That evening at TW Events, Shereé Whitfield meets with her event planners and does a walkthrough of the venue. The space holds about 200 people, and the space is beautiful — I just hope Shereé finally pulls it off. Shereé tells her event planners that she outsourced her materials. Although she was contracted to have 24 pieces, the vendor ended up only providing five pieces for Shereé’s fashion show. This isn’t looking good Shereé! Shereé gets emotional as she discusses her frustrations, but she’s determined to make her dreams a reality. 

Mama Emma

The next day, Marlo’s driving to meet her mother as she preps herself to remain positive. Marlo flew her mother out from Arkansas and hasn’t seen her in three years. Marlo hugs her mama but notices she’s missing her teeth. Once in the car, Marlo inquires about her mama’s dentures and comes to find out that her mom accidentally threw them away. Marlo takes her mama shopping, and we learn that Marlo’s mama wants to move back to Atlanta. Marlo states that she’d love that but wants to make sure her mama’s mentally prepared to make an adjustment. Marlo’s mama is happy that Marlo’s willing to forgive but not before reminding Marlo that she kicked her out of her house a while back. 

Marlo reminds her mama that her living conditions weren’t suitable for her or William and Michael at the time. Marlo’s mama experienced substance abuse and it’s clear this family has a lot of healing to do. Marlo and her mama have an emotional moment and hug it out as they clear the air. I wish we would’ve seen this side of Marlo more, but I digress. It’s four days until Shereé’s fashion show and she’s still struggling to obtain all her pieces. Meanwhile, Kenya’s at CVS for the launch of her hair care products. Kandi, Sanya, and Drew show up to support, and it’s nice to see Kenya get her flowers. Drew checks in on how Kenya’s feeling, and although Kenya’s high off her recent success, she still questions whether Shereé will be ready for her big night. 

Kandi Burruss

Kandi and Drew are skeptical as well, but I want to give Shereé the benefit of doubt. Drew tells the ladies that Shereé never paid her for the party and Kenya barely pays the comment any mind before thanking the ladies for supporting her and singing “Kenya Moore Hair Care” as they leave. Later, Kandi’s at The OLG to talk to Mama Joyce about her issues with estate planning. Mama Joyce thinks Kandi should put her earrings before marriage in a trust for only her children, but Kandi wants to make sure she leaves something for Todd. Mama Joyce thinks Ace and Blaze have an advantage in having Todd in their lives and Riley didn’t have the same privilege. 

Mama Joyce questions Kandi about funding lavish lifestyles after Kandi’s gone and creates hypotheticals surrounding Todd remarrying. Kandi would prefer if Todd remained single if she wasn’t around anymore, but she can’t control that. Kandi wants Don Juan to control her estate and Mama Joyce throws herself in the ring to control her daughter’s assets, as well. Kandi laughs at her and questions whether Todd and Mama Joyce could work together. We all know the answer to that. With one day left until showtime, Shereé visits the venue to check out the progress. The event planner walks Shereé through the venue and everything looks beautiful, but will the fashions be as nice? 

Shereé Whitfield

Shereé meets her models, and surprisingly, Apollo comes through to walk in Shereé’s show. As Shereé chats with her daughter, a surprise walks through the door that throws us all for a loop. Tyrone “Le’Jail Bird” Gilliams has actually made an appearance! Shereé’s shocked and pulls Tyrone to the side to chat. Shereé questions Tyrone about being left in Philadelphia and Tyrone tells Shereé he didn’t know they would be taping during their date. Tyrone didn’t get approved to film in Philly and doesn’t believe he owes Shereé an apology. Shereé walks away without giving Tyrone any more energy and I’m so proud of her! Tyrone met Shereé’s daughter and chatted with Apollo for a second before complimenting Shereé on her progress. 

Shereé continues pushing for an apology, and when he doesn’t give it to her, she kicks him out and focuses back on the show. Marlo’s at Le’Archive and her mama Emma stops by to see her work. Mama Emma tries on a few pieces and Kandi is coming to meet Mama Emma for the first time. Marlo and Mama Emma talk about the past and how Marlo feels that her family only calls her for money. Mama Emma revealed that she used to cry because Marlo didn’t come around during the holidays, and I don’t blame her!

Marlo tells Mama Emma that she’s the center of all their issues and we find out Emma wanted to bring her new boyfriend around. Marlo gets upset and is frustrated because Mama Emma doesn’t have the best taste in men and doesn’t like that Mama Emma’s so concerned with him. Kandi arrives right in time and hugs Mama Emma while Marlo goes to get drinks and adjust herself. Mama Emma apologized to Marlo for making her cry and Marlo flips the switch to entertain Kandi. The three ladies eat as Kandi asks Mama Emma about her past and it’s nice to see a real moment between Kandi and Marlo. Kandi suggests family therapy to Marlo, and Mama Emma promises not to curse at Marlo anymore. We’ll see about that.

It’s the day of the fashion show and Shereé‘s getting her makeup done as she explains the Tyrone incident to her MUA. The red carpet is set and Shereé looks amazing and excited for what’s to come. Luckily, all of Shereé’s pieces came in and she’s ready to make her debut! Kenya’s getting dressed with the help of Brooklyn and Drew‘s bedazzling her boot. The venue looks amazing as models get ready and guests begin flowing in. Drew likes the logo but wonders if that’s where the rest of her money went that Shereé owes her, SMH. The ladies look amazing for Shereé’s show and mingle as the clock continues to run. Tyrone brought Shereé some flowers and it seems like the two are on better terms now that emotions have thawed. 

Shereé Whitfield

As Tyrone meets Shereé’s mom, Dwight Eubanks enters the building and it’s nice to see Shereé and Dwight interact again. Tyrone meets the rest of the ladies and Tyrone lets the ladies know he surprised Shereé yesterday. As the ladies sit and talk, the crowd becomes impatient as the show slowly starts. The lights dim and it’s showtime! Shereé has done it! The models look amazing, and the clothes are beautiful! The crowd is loving the show and it’s awesome to see Shereé’s baby come to life! Once the show wraps, the ladies give Shereé her kudos and Shereé even pays Tyrone dust when he tried to talk to her. 

As the ladies take a walk on the runway, we see that Dr. Jackie Walters took Sanya’s IUD out, and it’s time to make some babies! Kandi is still working on her estate planning as she continues making them checks. Drew continues working on her marriage as Ralph Pittman’s book is scheduled to be released. Marlo’s waiting for her house to get finished as Kenya continues living her best life with Brooklyn. Shereé continues working on her fashions and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of those joggers! What an amazing season! Be sure to come back next week for part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion!

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