Mama June Shannon Sends Apology Text to Daughter Alana Thompson For Skipping 17th Birthday Bash!

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Mama June Shannon sent her youngest daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, an apology text after missing the teen’s 17th birthday party. 

Mama June Shannon

“hope u have a good day,” June wrote to Alana, per a report by TMZ. 

“I am very proud of [you] with everything … graduation high school which [is] a big deal. I know I have put you through a lot and I’m sorry,” the Mama June: Road to Redemption star reportedly said in the lengthy text message.

The 43-year-old reality star assured her daughter that she was “here now” for anything she needed. 

“I know I’m not perfect by no means but I’m trying my best,” she wrote. “I know there is ALOT to be worked and work Through but I have confidence that [we] will.”

June ended her message by sending the high school student her “love.”

June told TMZ Tuesday that Alana thanked her for the message and added that she loved her, too. 

Alana recently celebrated her birthday with family and friends, including her 21-year-old boyfriend, Dralin Carswell. Alana’s sisters, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird and Jessica Shannon, as well as Pumpkin’s husband, Josh, and the couple’s four children all enjoyed the birthday bash. 

June’s relationship with her daughters has been strained in the years since her 2019 arrest. June was arrested in Alabama alongside her then-boyfriend, Geno Doak, on March 15, 2019, on charges of possession of crack cocaine. Geno was also slapped with a possession of drug paraphernalia charge and a third-degree domestic violence charge. June narrowly dodged prison time and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service amid an order to maintain sobriety. 

Pumpkin was granted official custody of Alana in April. 

“I do see her, I do talk to her,” June told Page Six, after the legal custody shift. “We do communicate. So it wasn’t like any difference. The only difference is she’s not sitting right here beside me in my home every day.”

June hasn’t been shy about speaking out about Alana’s life decisions. In July, June weighed in on Alana’s upcoming weight loss surgery.

“I would say she needs to wait until she’s 18 years old,” June told TMZ. 

Alana’s manager told Page Six last month about Alana’s plan to go under the knife in a last-ditch effort to lose weight.

Weight loss doctor, Steven Batash, will perform a suture sculpt endoscopic sleeve on Alana, a procedure that costs about $13K, according to TMZ.  The “Toddler and Tiaras” alum reportedly shared a concern that her weight was genetic, and that undergoing surgery would be the only way to hit her weight loss goal. Dralin will also receive the surgery amid his own struggle to lose weight. 

June sounded off about Alana’s romance in a May interview with Entertainment Tonight. She shared that she approves of Dralin, but added that “he needs to hold down a job a little bit more.”

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