Martell and Melody Holt’s Custody War Heats Up — Melody Blasts Marsau Scott!

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The custody battle between Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars, Melody and Martell Holt is heating up. 

Melody recently clarified that the trial had yet to start after fans speculated that she had scored a legal victory. Martell responded by calling out Melody and her brother, Marcus Minnifield, and Melody fired back. 

Melody Holt

Melody told fans, via a social media video, that the trial had been delayed because Martell had allegedly dragged his feet in producing the required paperwork. Martell responded, via Instagram Live, denying his ex-wife’s claim. Martell told fans that the delay occurred because his attorney lost a parent, which set their effort back three weeks. He took it up a notch when he accused Melody of using 23 different babysitters. He also doubled down on his stance that Marcus and his husband should not be allowed to watch the ex-couple’s children.

Melody responded by firing off a series of posts shared on Facebook and Instagram. In an Instagram repost by Hollywood Unlocked, she confirmed that she would be open to online interviews about the ongoing drama with her ex, before referencing the $17k that Martell allegedly withdrew from their joint bank account.     

“One thing I will go ahead and say is…the judge ordered (pull the records) to return the $17k back to the account by Friday,” Melody said. “He failed to do so and the judge ordered mediation. My attorney begged me not to let the $17k go but I was just ready to be divorced! So I said FORGET it. My manager literally said ‘don’t worry because you’ll make it back. God has you.’”

She added that she allegedly had “alllll the proof and facts.”

The OWN star then called Martell a homophobe for banning her brother and his husband from watching the four children. She also pointed out that the kids are in her care most of the time, and called out her ex for ditching court-ordered therapy sessions.

“The judge ordered therapy and that was back in ain’t did not ONE session….smdh,” Melody said. “Yo priority ain’t the kids and their well being…your priority is what it has been since the marriage.”

Melody added—“A HOE.”

She added—“Mannnn… This joker been so homophobic for the longest and I ain’t said nothing about it. Nada.”

Melody then accused her ex of being a cheater, manipulator, liar, narcissist, and a criminal. 

Melody also put co-star, Marsau Scott, on blast after Marsau weighed in on Martell’s video, on social media.

Melody said—“If friends in ya inner circle is sitting in front of me, smiling in my face, eating at my table, vacationing with me while paying for car repairs & Valentine’s Day flowers for, and hanging with my then husband and one of his “side” chicks MULTIPLE times, then I don’t need it. You think we forgot? I sure didn’t. You should’ve sat this one out. Sit alllll the way down, sir. Because the way the Scorpio is out right now… TUH. I mean… if all the years you were in the inner circle didn’t help…well. Cause ain’t no way I’m kicking it with my married friend’s “side” side nor woman. NOPE! And I call the wife and the kids “family”too.. Nah y’all big FAKE.”

She added—“And ppl be wondering why I removed myself.”

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