‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: Heavenly & Contessa Reignite Their Beef At Simone And Cecil’s Couples Dinner Party!

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This week on Married to Medicine, we see Quad Webb teaching her nephew, Mason, how to lace his shoes. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is at the gym training as Abdul tells her that she brought some fat back with her from Vegas, LOL. Dr. Simone Whitmore is at the office with a client as Anila Sajja is home chatting with Dr. Kiran Sajja. Anila gives Kiran the details of the Vegas trip and shares with Kiran about Toya Bush-Harris’s comment about Dr. Eugene Harris’s penis. Anila also shared that Toya would swap husbands and Kiran looks surprised! Moving the conversation along, Kiran wants to make house rules for Anila’s parents called “The Ten Commandments.” Kiran wants Anila’s parents to clean up after themselves and wash their hands while cooking. Doesn’t seem so bad to me. Anila doesn’t have time to look for a nanny, so this is her way of compromising with her hubby. 

Toya is at home, washing vegetables as she asks her boys for help. Avery comments on Toya’s outfit and Toya lets the boys know that she and Eugene are stepping out for the night. Toya asks the boys about a recent sleepover, and we find out that Avery was accused of stealing an Xbox card. Toya instructs Avery to go get Eugene, and we know the conversation is about to get serious. Toya reiterates what happened and we learned that Avery was accused of stealing while sleeping over at a friend’s house. A new kid accused Avery, but Eugene doesn’t feel the scenario was racially motivated. Eugene gives valuable advice to his boys and to be careful so this situation won’t happen again. 

Eugene thinks Avery handled it well and wants him to pick his friends carefully. After the boys leave to play, Eugene checks in with Toya since she returned home kind of stressed. Toya is stressed because she claims that she stayed home with the boys because she didn’t want to leave her kids around strangers. Toya and Eugene bicker for a second before Avery wonders why they’re always fighting. They quiet up for a second, but it’s clear that both parents are becoming worn out. 

The next day, Dr. Heavenly Kimes meets Dr. Jackie Walters at the office. Jackie thinks Heavenly is going through menopause and reviews Heavenly’s labs with her. Dr. Jackie explains menopause and suggests Heavenly get the O-Shot. Heavenly tells Jackie that her mother is back in the hospital and that now doctors suggest looking into hospice care. Heavenly gets emotional but is keeping a brave face for the time being. Anila is home with Dr. Kiran and the kids as they prepare for Anila’s parents to arrive. Kiran and Anila agree that this is a trial period, but Kiran doubts they’ll follow his house rules. They meet her parents at the door with handmade cards and are met with a lot of luggage. Anila’s mom isn’t sure if Kiran is happy that she’s there, but before that conversation could gain steam, Anila shifts the topic to the kids’ school schedule. 

Kiran provides Anila’s parents with the house rules and immediately her mother is not here for it! Anila’s parents laugh at Kiran’s rules, and I am on the floor at their audacity! Anila’s mom tears up the list in their faces and I can tell this is going to be a very long visit. That evening, Cecil and Simone are preparing for their dinner party to get advice from the other couples. Heavenly and Damon arrive first and Heavenly has it in her head that she’s going to be the one giving advice, SMH. Contessa and Dr. Scott arrive and greet everyone, but of course, Heavenly tells the group that she’s giving the advice. Cecil and Simone quickly clear that up and explain that they need help naming the different chapters in their book. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

As they sit in the living room, the ladies begin joking about what happened in Vegas and soon the men excuse themselves to help Cecil with the drinks. Contessa wants Simone to give readers insight into how she and Cecil got together. Simone says that Cecil was a challenge and now that she’s over 50 years old, she doesn’t need any more challenges. The group sits down for dinner and Cecil has to stop Heavenly from running the show. Cecil pulls out some NDA forms for them to sign and I am floored! Cecil’s just messing with them, and the food comes out looking amazing! 

Contessa wants to know how Cecil and Simone knew each other were the ones, and Simone explains that she loved Cecil’s confidence and the way he carried himself. Scott doesn’t remember when he met Contessa at first, but they both agree that their credit scores were the most important factor in their relationship. Damon doesn’t think women realize how painful their words can sometimes be. Damon thinks there are no lines between women and the things they say, and Contessa asks Damon if he’s talking about Heavenly. Damon admits that he keeps things to himself because he doesn’t want someone to use them against him. Heavenly doesn’t think Damon’s talking about her but Contessa won’t let it go. 

Dr. Damon Kimes

Heavenly thinks women shouldn’t repeat things and Damon is trying his hardest to get Heavenly under control. Damon tells Heavenly that she disrespects him by not listening, and Damon admits that it bothers him to see Heavenly and Contessa argue. Damon calls their beef BS, but Contessa says that it’s real. Heavenly asks Contessa to have respect for Damon and shut up, and Contessa fires back by telling Heavenly to STFU. Soon, Heavenly and Contessa are yelling back and forth and Damon daps Cecil up and proceeds to exit. Heavenly keeps trying to blame Contessa, but Damon seems fed up at this point! Damon doesn’t think Heavenly is listening and wants Heavenly to forgive Contessa. 

Contessa’s more upset that Damon tried to lecture her, and Cecil wants Damon to cut Heavenly some slack because it’s a lot of back and forth between all of them. Simone tells Scott and Contessa that she and Cecil wouldn’t be married if it wasn’t for the support of their friends. In the car, Damon continues to try and talk sense into Heavenly, and finally, we see Damon hold Heavenly accountable for her actions. The next day, Jackie calls up all the girls from her office and invites them to her O-Shot party! Jackie wants to take their vaginas to the next level and the ladies are ready to be rejuvenated! 

Dr. Simone Whitmore

After a few days have passed, Jackie makes sure the food and drinks are ready for everyone, and even the chef asks if she could get an O-Shot later. Heavenly calls to tell Jackie that she won’t be able to make it because she signed Do Not Resuscitate papers for her mother earlier that day. Our prayers are with you, Heavenly! Audra Curry arrives first and soon Anila and her mother arrive. Anila’s mom doesn’t know what the party is about, but soon she finds out from Jackie. Audra’s bopping her head like she’s confused as the rest of the ladies arrive. Jackie did it up for the ladies and we’re introduced to Quad’s friend, Lealani. Quad is considering getting the shot but doesn’t want a partner who isn’t sexually compatible. Simone goes into the back room first and we see the entire process of getting blood drawn, spinning the blood down, getting the plasma, and injecting it back into the vagina. 

Anila’s mom doesn’t want Anila to get the procedure and Anila is very disappointed, LOL. Simone gets her O-Shot first and we see all the facial expressions from Simone’s silly self. Simone takes her phone out to document everything — this is some rich women’s stuff for real. Simone’s all done and is ready to put it on Cecil! Toya and Anila are chatting about the dinner at Simone’s the other night and Contessa blames Heavenly for the conversation going left. Quad steps in and tells the ladies about Heavenly’s mom, in hopes of getting some empathy for Heavenly. Contessa asks for everyone to circle around and pray on behalf of Heavenly and her mother. Aw, so sweet! Simone comes out ready to pounce and explains the pain level being of a bee sting. Toya goes and gets it out of the way and soon all the ladies expect Anila get their precious O-Shot. 

Anila Sajja

Toya feels like she gave her vagina some Patron and everyone’s annoyed that Anila’s mom won’t let her get the O-Shot. Maybe Anila can sneak to Jackie’s office later, LOL. Be sure to come back next week to see what else happens on Married to Medicine! 


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