Ex Bravo ‘Housewives’ Star DRAGS Diana Jenkins & Lisa Rinna Amid Claims They Paid BOTS To Troll Garcelle’s Son!

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Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Kelly Dodd came out to say that she doesn’t like a few Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars!

Diana Jenkins

Since bots attacked Garcelle Beauvais son on his Instagram page, many fans have come out to speculate who could be behind it. Garcelle’s RHOBH co-star, Diana Jenkins, denied any allegations that she had anything to do with hiring the bots. In a statement posted to her Instagram, Jenkins said, “I have been accused of instigating the hateful and inexcusable cyber bullying of Garcelle’s son. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have stood for human rights my whole life. There is no place for hate in this world.” In a recent episode of Kelly’s podcast, ‘The Rick and Kelly Show,’ she revealed that she isn’t a huge fan of Diana Jenkins.

Kelly and her husband were talking about a scene during season 12 episode 15 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Diana inserted herself in conversation about Erika Jayne and Sutton Stracke’s relationship. She spoke about Garcelle saying, “Can I just say something? I feel like out of all the women here, I feel like you’re the most guarded one.” Diana continued, “I really, really like you. But I feel like, for your friendship, I had to work extra hard. And I got nowhere. And then I go then ‘why am I doing it when she’s shutting me down every single time?’” Kelly shared her thoughts on Diana saying, “I can’t stand her. I used to like her in the beginning… I can’t stand that girl. Her and Crystal bug.” 

Lisa Rinna

Kelly Dodd

Another person that bothered the RHOC alum was Lisa Rinna when she intervened with her own thoughts about Garcelle Beauvais during her conversation with Jenkins. “Why is she even chiming in by the way? You know what, she’s starting to bug, she’s starting to bug everybody,” Kelly said. Kelly Dodd has said in other podcast episodes that she loves Garcelle on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so it’s no shock to fans when she sides with her. Bravo fans also agree with Kelly Dodd and have asked the network not to invite Diana during the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. One person said, “Always promoting herself, I hope she and Rinna are gone next season. I hope Garcelle and Sutton will be on fire at the reunion. I cant stand the mean girls club.”

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