Seeking Sister Wife’s Roberta Pache Drops Hints that She Bailed on the Merrifields!

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It looks like there might be trouble in paradise for Garrick and Danielle Merrifield and their potential sister wife, Roberta “Bert” Pache. Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife recently featured Garrick and Danielle traveling to Brazil with the hope of persuading Roberta to move to Colorado as Garrick’s fiancée.  

Roberta purportedly dropped hints that she had ditched the plan on social media, as she no longer follows the Merrifields. Online sleuths discovered that she does follow an account that might confirm that she’s no longer on board with the Merrifields’ life plan. 

Roberta made no secret of the fact that she struggled with jealousy after Danielle encouraged Garrick to start courting a potential third wife, amid Roberta’s wishy-washy messaging. Garrick’s potential third wife, Lea, backed out of the relationship ahead of the Merrifields’ trip to Brazil. The duo was determined to convince Roberta to take the leap and move to the states on her approved K-1 visa. Fans know that both Garrick and Danielle were apprehensive as they jetted to South America. Roberta had been resisting regular communication and had not seen the Merrifields for a year ahead of the trio’s emotional reunion. It appeared that she was having serious second thoughts about taking the final steps toward a new life in the United States, as a second wife. 

While Roberta’s visa was approved, the document’s expiration date was fast approaching. 

“Our immigration lawyers made it very clear that she can’t wait ’til the last minute because travel and flights are limited,” Danielle explained. “So she only has a short period of time to get here.”

In the most recent episode, Roberta agreed to move forward but fans aren’t buying the narrative.

It appears that evidence has surfaced that supports the theory that Roberta  called it quits with the Colorado couple. A Seeking Sister Wife fan/Reddit user discovered that Roberta was following an account called “Escaping Polygamy.” She does not follow either Garrick or Danielle. 

The Reddit post read— “roberta doesn’t follow either of the merrifields but follows this account  just found it interesting” 

Lifetime series, Escaping Polygamy, followed the lives of three sisters, Andrea, Jessica, and Shanell Kingston, who escaped the polygamist cult known as “The Order” or “The Kingston Clan.”

Reddit users chimed in with opinions, with one person writing—“I think she’s fake and stirring up drama for future seasons…..but in the case she’s not, escaping the brainwashing and mindset of polygamy is also a thing. You don’t have to be in the same country to be brainwashed.”

Another said—“Honestly, Bert and the Merrifields’ socials have been so all over the place that part of me thinks that it’s a tactic to keep interest up and make sure they stay on tv.”

A third viewer noted—“It’s possible Roberta saw a really dark side of Garrick and Dannielle when she broke up with them (if the gossip is true.) I could see them being nasty to her and reminding her of how much money they spent on her.”

Danielle told her followers earlier this year during an Instagram Q&A, “So right now unfortunately I still can’t tell details about Roberta and all of that, but at least you know for now that Garrick and I are still together.”

Roberta Pache

However, Garrick referred to Danielle as “one of his queens” on June 24, implying that he had more than one wife. 

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