‘Married at First Sight’ Which Couples Are Succeeding In Marriage!

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Married At First Sight couples from San Diego are still going strong in their marriages but some are having a hard time!


Here is how Married At First Sight Season 15 couples are doing since walking down the aisle. On Wednesday, the five couples, Alexis and Justin, Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh, showed viewers how life has been adjusting to a new partner. The episode started off with some of the couples speaking to friends and family about their relationships. Miguel caught up with his friend, Steve, and told him he liked Lindy a lot and where their relationship is going. Krysten’s meeting with her friend Joanna was a bit tenser because she was nervous about sharing a part of her past with Mitch. However, Krysten shared that things are going great in their relationship.

Alexis reached out to her sister, Amber, via video chat and told her that she has already said the ‘L’ word. Her sister worried it was too soon for her to say that and advised her to protect her heart. Alexis also shared the incident between her and Justin’s dog. Nate met up with his friend, Derek, and talked about opening up more because that is what Stacia needs, but he might have to go to therapy to fully understand what is needed of him. Binh and Morgan met up with close friends who told them to be patient with each other so their relationship can grow. After the friend meetups, Krysten got the courage to open up to Mitch and told him that she was engaged before but her ex cheated on her.

Mitch reassured Krysten that he would never do that to her and that her previous engagement doesn’t affect his feelings for her. Justin and Alexis’ relationship got more hectic after he informed her that her dog was throwing up blood and hadn’t eaten in two days. They got into an argument about Justin’s communication skills.

Lindy and Miguel hosted a game show-themed party to celebrate and had a blast playing with friends, who also realized how close the two had become since getting together. Lindy admitted that despite being happy, she and Miguel are struggling with their insurance and names. After the party, the two fought over Lindy wanting to be added to his insurance and Miguel wanting her to change her last name. Miguel revealed to Lindy that he doesn’t like this loud side to her. 

Morgan and Binh celebrated by having their family and friends over for Mexican food and tequila. Stacia and Nate threw a 70s-themed party where Stacia found out from friends that Nate has abandonment issues. Alexis and Justin hosted their 90s-themed party, but things were tense between them. Alexis said to her friends that she wants to be open about her struggle so she told everyone about her fight with Justin. Alexis later admitted that she loves Justin but she isn’t in love with him, yet. At the end of the episode, the guys and girls came together to share what is happening in their relationships.

Nate and Justin admitted to the group that they haven’t consummated their marriage. Alexis and Justin shared their version of events regarding the dog incident. Krysten and Mitch told everyone that they are doing better and are happy in their relationship. Morgan opened up about the lack of intimacy between him and Binh because of the walls she has built up but hopes they can work on it. 

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