Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Riley Appears Pregnant On Instagram Story Post!

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Riley Burruss, daughter of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, sparked pregnancy rumors after she posted a selfie that appeared to show the 20-year-old holding her protruding belly. 

Riley will begin her junior year at New York University in a few days. Kandi reportedly shells out $100k a year in tuition and room and board for the Dean’s List student to attend the top-tier school. 

Riley Burruss

Riley’s alleged pregnancy has yet to be confirmed, but that hasn’t slowed the social media chatter surrounding her cryptic IG Story post. Some fans think that the mirror in the photo distorted the image and made Riley’s stomach appear inflated, while others believe that she’s clearly pregnant.  

Riley has lost a significant amount of weight in recent months and has been transparent about her struggle with body issues. In 2020, she was romantically linked to Home Depot heir, Oliver Blank, but appears to be single at the moment. 

Fans sounded off on Twitter about the rumored pregnancy.

Riley Burruss

One Twitter user said—“I refuse to believe Riley pregnant cause how she spend her whole childhood taking care of Kandi kids just to get knocked up soon as she free..”

Another asked—“Riley loss weight to get pregnant??”

A third tweeted—“Is Riley Burrus pregnant?  Or I’m just seeing my own things???”  

Riley Burruss

The college student made headlines in April when she put her father, Russell “Block” Spencer, on notice after he claimed that she was jealous of her siblings. 

Russell opened up about his relationship with his daughter in a March interview on Vlad TV. 

“We cool. We’re coming along. Now I’m going to keep it real with you, before I got on the show, we was cool. I don’t know what happened between 10 or 11 to 14 and 15,” he said, during the March 28 interview. 

Russell "Block" Spencer

Kandi Burruss

Russell said of his shaky relationship with his daughter—“I feel a lot of people get in her head as in there’s a lot of jealousy because all my kids live with me. I got three daughters and three boys. Every last one of them lives with me except Riley.”

He added that outside influences could have played a role in their strained relationship. Many fans assumed that his pointed comment was referring to Kandi.  

Riley Burruss

Riley clapped back at her father after The Shade Room posted Russell’s comments on their Instagram page.

“My mom and I always try to take the high road. But honestly it’s really upsetting that I constantly have to see you badmouthing us publicly. I was blessed to be raised in a household where my mom provided the best life I could have. No jealousy here,” she said. 

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