RHOP’s Robyn and Juan Dixon Obtain Marriage License — But Is It Just For A Storyline?

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Robyn Dixon and her ex-husband, Juan Dixon, appear to be altar bound.  

The Howard County Maryland Clerk’s Office confirmed to PEOPLE that the Real Housewives of Potomac star and the ex-NBA pro obtained a marriage license on Thursday afternoon. 

The official explained that there is a two-day waiting period after an application is submitted. The certificate expires in February 2023, so the duo’s ceremony could have been held over the weekend, or be scheduled for a later date.  

Robyn Dixon

Juan and Robyn tied the knot for the first time in 2015. The high school sweethearts are parents to two sons, Corey, 14, and Carter, 12. The couple divorced in 2012. The duo continued to live together and even share a bed. The unconventional relationship has been chronicled on the Bravo series since its debut in January 2016. 

“My kids, they didn’t even realize we were divorced,” Robyn told The Daily Dish. “They didn’t know we had gone through a rough time! They found out a lot of stuff about our relationship and our family from the show because their friends are telling them. So then they come and tell us, ‘So why this? Why that?’ So I’d have to tell them, ‘We’re good, aren’t we? We’re good! Don’t worry about that.’ “

“I would find my cast mates or the fans were more judgmental about my situation than us,” she added. “It’s like, we understood it! It’s not for everyone to understand, but it’s life for us.”

Robyn Dixon

Juan and Robyn rebuilt their relationship over the years. Robyn, an original RHOP cast member, dished that the couple was “[doing it] like bunny rabbits,” during Season 4. 

The couple was hit by fan backlash, but the controversy only strengthened their bond. 

“The negativity from the show actually pushed us together,” Robyn said. “It’s like, you want to have each other’s back and you want to speak up for that person. When you see how cold the world is out there, you’re like, ‘Let me be with the one that I know has my back regardless.’”

Robyn Dixon

Juan, a basketball coach for Coppin State University in Baltimore, popped the question to the Bravo star in December 2019, during a Season 5 holiday finale party.

“Sweeter the second time around! Thank you to everyone who loved, supported, rooted and prayed for Juan and I,” Robyn wrote on Instagram, at the time. “We truly appreciate all of the love and congratulatory wishes as we embark on #DixonsPartDeux.”

Robyn Dixon

Juan gave Robyn a sparkler that featured a large emerald cut pink morganite, surrounded by a double ring of diamonds. 

“An untraditional relationship calls for a non-traditional ring!” Robyn explained on Instagram. “I told a little birdie that if Juan ever proposed, I didn’t want a diamond ring…that didn’t work out too well the first time, lol. I fell in love with the pink morganite stone because I wanted something with significance and meaning. Morganite represents unconditional love — something that our relationship exhibits and has relied upon.”

Robyn Dixon

Robyn explained during Season 6 that the COVID-19 pandemic had forced her to postpone her second wedding. The couple decided to fund their dream house, in the meantime. The family moved in last August.

Robyn told The Daily Dish that the couple’s divorce ultimately saved their marriage.

“I really think that happened for us,” the reality star told the outlet, in April. “If we were still married, I would absolutely hate him.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 is expected to premiere this fall. 

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