‘RHOA’ RECAP: Sanya & Kenya Fight AGAIN In Jamaica!

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Welcome back to another week of messy peaches! It’s the last day of Sanya Richards-Ross’s trip in Jamaica, but we pick up at the dinner table after a heated argument between Kenya Moore and Sanya. Aaron Ross had enough of the ladies coming for Sanya and stands up to defend his wife! “I don’t rock like that. Don’t f*** with my wife,” Ross said before leaving the table. Sanya goes after Ross and the couple leaves the rest of the group for the night. Kenya and Shereé Whitfield voice their point of view before Kenya wonders how Marlo Hampton managed to make it to Sanya’s iFit video shoot. Kandi Burruss calms the table down by explaining it’s just a miscommunication and they all get caught up in their work from time to time. Ross felt he needed to step in and save Sanya and Shereé thinks the women aren’t allowed to call each other out anymore. 

Sanya Richards-Ross

Drew Sidora defends Kenya’s perspective and Sanya thinks Kenya is whack but she’s surprised at Shereé’s behavior. Kenya’s not letting it go and believes Sanya should’ve apologized instead of catching an attitude. Kandi shifted the conversation to how much fun the ladies had on the boat and while Kenya’s complaining, Marlo’s playing an invisible violin. The table continues agreeing to disagree while they finish their meal, while Ross and Sanya cool off before rejoining the group. Sanya thanks everyone for coming to dinner and provides instructions for the next day’s adventures. As the crew heads to their rooms, Drew gets a little special treatment as the husbands carry Drew and her bum leg to safety. The next morning has arrived and the crew’s waking up and getting ready for the day. 

Sanya leaves for iFit but appoints Marlo as the temporary hostess in her absence. Shereé’s chatting with her designer in her suite and Shereé seems to be on top of her business right now. With three weeks left, Shereé’s running into multiple obstacles but is determined to make She by Shereé a reality. Although Shereé had to change the date of the fashion show, she’s not pressed because she has the venue she loves! Meanwhile, Marlo and her florist/friend Adrian meet Kandi, Todd, Monyetta, and her husband Heath downstairs as Shereé boards the sprinter.  Kenya joins the group as Marlo’s geeked to tell everyone that she’s the temporary hostess, but much to Marlo’s surprise, no one reacts or cares, LOL. 

Sanya made arrangements for Shereé to come to the video shoot and I wonder how Kenya will feel about being excluded. Sanya’s working the camera as Shereé arrives just in time. Sanya thanks Shereé for coming although Shereé basically missed the entire shoot. Shereé claims the driver got lost, but do we really believe her? Shereé begins to lose her voice as Sanya continues explaining her work. Back at the resort, Kandi and Kenya are paying Marlo zero mind as Kandi wonders why Sanya elected Marlo as temporary hostess. Marlo tries to collect the group to head to their event and it’s clear that no one takes Marlo seriously. Marlo pretends not to be hurt as everyone finally makes a move toward the next destination. Sanya and Shereé have come to an understanding but Sanya’s disappointed and fed up with Kenya at this point. 

Sanya’s upset that Kenya expected Sanya to call Kenya while she was working. Sanya makes a point by saying that Kenya wouldn’t have called Sanya if Kenya was working on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Shereé tells Sanya to shut Kenya down or else Kenya will continue coming for her. I mean are Shereé and Kenya really friends? Cause in this moment, it doesn’t seem like it. The group is on the sprinter heading to the next spot as Kandi tells everyone that Drew and Ralph won’t be joining. They arrive at Chukka’s Eco Park at Good Hope for lunch and the setting is beautiful! Shereé’s already seated as everyone sits and Kandi asks whether Sanya’s joining them. Shereé lets the ladies know Sanya went to freshen up and should be down soon. 

Shereé tells the group about Sanya’s workday but conveniently left out that she missed most of the shoot. Shereé tells the group that Sanya apologized, and Shereé understands it was all a mix-up. Kenya’s not mad for being left out today and thinks it shows more about Sanya’s conflict resolution skills than anything. The group drinks fresh coconut water while all this beautiful food is laid out before them. Kandi and Shereé discuss their activities in High School and while Shereé’s voice is holding on for dear life, birds begin pooping on their table! Everyone tries to move their plate, but the birds came to make their mark! Kandi stands up to finish her plate while the rest of the group struggles LOL. 

As lunch wraps up, Marlo asks the group to go by the pool, but Kenya and Kandi don’t budge. Marlo throws a little shade but continues to the pool and eventually everyone makes it poolside — but not before Todd tells Marlo that they don’t sit in the general population. Todd, Kandi, and Kenya head to a private cabana, and Marlo’s face says it all! Marlo begins venting to Monyetta since she has no one else to talk to and Monyetta stays neutral. Kenya tells Kandi that Shereé won’t let her into the fashion show and Kenya feels rejected. Marlo reiterates her point of view from the conversation with Ralph and Marlo won’t let the mouse go! Marlo thinks Kandi should’ve stayed out of it but honestly, Kandi was right! Shereé and Monyetta agree that Kandi overstepped and inserted herself in Marlo’s conversation, but I disagree. 

Marlo says she’s taking accountability, but what she really wants is for the girls to gang up on Kandi. Monyetta thinks Kandi cares about Marlo’s nephews and Shereé hopes the two can have a conversation. Marlo’s tired of hosting, but luckily, Sanya’s ready and the crew heads to the next destination. The group is going rafting and everyone’s excited but Kenya. Kenya thinks these activities are for older people but continues on in good spirits. Everyone puts their life jackets on while the lifeguards explain the rules. As everyone floats away to relax, Shereé and Kenya begin chatting about Sanya and their issues. 

Sanya’s talking to Marlo about the same thing, and I begin to realize that none of these ladies can let anything go! Sanya thinks Kenya is passive-aggressive and Kenya thinks Ross’s actions were intimidating and scary. Shereé thinks Ross was being protective and Sanya thinks Kenya’s using her martial issues to get out of conflict. Ralph’s taking care of Drew in the room while the rest of the group continues relaxing on the river. Kenya checks in on Drew before dinner and Drew can’t make it since her leg is swollen. Everyone’s getting dressed as Marlo calls to check up on her nephews. Monyetta meets Kandi in her suite as Todd heads down to the bar. Monyetta tells Kandi she had some questions for Marlo and Kandi thinks Monyetta is too nice. 

Marlo Hampton

Kandi’s over Marlo’s fake apologies and Monyetta tells Kandi that Marlo thinks Kandi started things. Monyetta explains Marlo’s side and Kandi still doesn’t care! Kandi felt she spoke the truth and that Marlo’s a hypocrite. Everyone makes it to dinner and looks amazing for their last night in Jamaica. Marlo and Kandi are wearing the same blouse and immediately Kandi’s annoyed. The group gets a rundown of their meal, and the ladies appreciate the ambiance that Jamaica brings. Sanya wants everyone to go around the table and list their highlights of the trip. Shereé enjoyed going to the track, and Marlo thanks Shereé for cheering her on while she raced Drew. Shereé then urges Marlo to talk to Kandi and Marlo asks Kandi if she felt where she was coming from. 

Marlo felt that Kandi went below the belt and Kandi continues her food while listening to Marlo’s BS. Kandi loves Michael and William, and Marlo thinks Kandi was wrong for telling her business. Kandi only apologizes if Marlo felt Kandi was spreading her business, but Kandi feels she was speaking facts. Kandi lets Marlo know that she’s not Michelle Obama, so “If you go low, I’m going low with you.” Todd just wants to be left out of the mess and Marlo takes Todd’s cursing personally. Kandi just made her point and Marlo claims to have nothing but love for KandiMarlo states that she won’t disrespect Todd again. 

Ross leaves in the morning due to work, and after the husbands leave, the real drama begins. Kandi peeps Sanya’s energy is down and thinks she’s just tired. Sanya’s irritated and asks Kenya “What’s up?” since Kenya keeps shifting in her chair. Kenya laughs at Sanya’s word choices and Sanya thinks Kenya has something to say to her. Sanya thinks Kenya disengages and is ungrateful for all Sanya has done for her. Kenya thinks Sanya’s ego is on fire and reiterates that she felt disrespected by Sanya. Sanya brings up Kenya’s tardiness, and soon, this friendship goes off the rails. Sanya thinks Kenya’s rude, and Kenya thinks Sanya’s acting like Drew by trying to end the conversation. 

Sanya tells Kenya that she wiggles out of conflict and Kenya doesn’t know what Sanya’s talking about. Sanya thinks Kenya’s being defensive and Kenya thinks Sanya’s inarticulate in explaining herself. Sanya begins backing down and it’s clear she’s no match for Kenya. Kenya wants to move on and doesn’t want to talk about this again. The two settle things at the table and Kenya admits to wanting to be friends with Sanya. They come to an understanding, but before ending the night, Kenya wants to know if Sanya bought her a birthday cake. No, LOL. Sanya did NOT buy the cake, SMH. Before they head back to the states, Marlo and Kandi make up over Jamaica’s KFC and somehow everything’s good now. Come back next week loves to catch up on a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! 

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