‘Married To Medicine’ RECAP: Heavenly & Contessa Make Up After Heated Fight!

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This week on a new Married to Medicine, the ladies are still in Vegas living it up while the men are at home holding down the fort. Dr. Jackie Walters chats with Curtis Walters while she gets ready for dinner. Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe discuss fixing things with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Quad Webb talks to Anila Sajja about both Contessa and Heavenly having points in this disagreement. Quad doesn’t think Heavenly should talk about her friends, but she also feels that Contessa is getting everyone else to gang up on Heavenly. Everyone wants Heavenly to take accountability but Heavenly doesn’t think she did anything wrong. The ladies enjoy some drinks as they arrive at Circa to eat some steaks. 

The venue is really sexy and Contessa thanks everyone for coming and apologizes for fighting. Moving forward, Simone wants everyone to have fun and tells the ladies that she’s going to ask some questions that may get a little messy. The chef takes the ladies to the back and starts them off with wine and truffles before excusing himself. Quad states that she likes the chef and Toya Bush-Harris lets everyone know he’s married. The table gets quiet for a second before Toya makes a comment about most men like a “Good ole, cute, Black woman” before Heavenly changes the conversation to the husbands. Toya and Simone admit to loving a good chef and we’re reminded how good Dr. Eugene Harris is on the grill. 

The ladies dig in, and soon, Simone begins the ‘Spill the Tea’ game. Kari Wells is up first, and her question is “Do you prefer quickies or marathons?” Heavenly likes a quicky while Quad likes both with a little choking. Heavenly’s question is about problems occurring when the woman is the breadwinner, and here comes the awkwardness. Quad thinks there can be issues, but Toya thinks issues only arise when the man bases the head of the household on income alone. Heavenly thinks the man is supposed to be the breadwinner based on the bible, but we all know Heavenly’s a pick-me. 

Heavenly doesn’t think Toya would’ve married a man with no money and Toya gets quiet as Simone redirects the group to the other questions. The next course comes out and Contessa said eff all the rules! Jackie asks whether their husbands are allowed to have female friends. The group has mixed reactions and Simone admits that she doesn’t mind if Cecil Whitmore has a female friend, but a flashback reveals that’s not the truth. Simone believes in boundaries when it comes to her marriage. Simone felt that Cecil was more concerned with looking cool than pissing Simone off. Simone now has the title of her next chapter, “People pleaser or me,” and I love it! 

More wine is being poured as Contessa asks, “What are the symptoms of a dysfunctional marriage,” and Heavenly’s ears perk up! Contessa thinks every relationship is different and doesn’t like having multiple opinions in her head. Contessa explains to the group how it felt when she first got married and Simone reassures Contessa that they have all been through that discovery phase in marriage. Audra Curry asks, “What were you most surprised about when you got married?” and Toya says, “That their penis was not gonna get bigger” and the table bust out laughing! Quad wants to know how the ladies feel about masturbation and wonders how often they do it. 

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Toya does it as often as Eugene’s out of the house, and here we go! Anila takes care of herself after Dr. Kiran Sajja goes to work and Simone warns the ladies about masturbating too much. Quad admits to masturbating a whole lot and we’re really getting to know these ladies. The ladies wrap up dinner and instead of having dessert, Simone has something very special and tasty waiting for them. The chef brings out a platter of stacks of money because Simone is taking them to the strip club! The ladies are excited and ready to see some eye candy! Anila wants to know if the ladies are going to tell their husbands about visiting the strip club. Toya calls Eugene and wakes him up out of his sleep to ask his permission, LOL. Quad laughs about Toya’s comment on Eugene’s penis and Toya clarified that Eugene’s equipment is accommodating enough. 

Contessa asks if the ladies did a husband swap, who would they swap with, and Toya’s crazy self admits to swapping with Dr. Kiran because he looks long! Lord! Anila admits Kiran is very nice while accidentally peeing on herself, LOL. They make it to ‘Black Magic Live’ and everyone’s ready to get dirty! The host calls out Jackie for her body language and the group laughs at Jackie’s stiffness. We see the airmen perform first and the ladies are having a good time around all these fine men. The King comes out and shocks the ladies with his size and Jackie actually cracks a smile but doesn’t give up any money. The host pulls Heavenly on stage and the chocolate men surround Heavenly while rubbing all up on her. Heavenly is LIVING and we are here for it! Simone records the whole thing and will save it to post on social media. 

The ladies wrap up and head back to the limo and give Simone her props. In Atlanta, Cecil’s meeting up with the rest of the fellas at Team Octopus for a nice workout. As Dr. Martin Curry gets his hand wrapped, Eugene tells Cecil about a time that Toya bit Eugene in the ring! Apparently, Eugene was only playing but we all know Toya loves competition! The men begin their combos and it’s nice to see the guys bond over physical activities. They’re all out of shape but continue as they run out of breath, LOL. Eugene and Kiran get paired up and Eugene clearly has some residual feelings from Halloween. After finishing up, the fellas talk about their wives and whether they’re having fun or not. Cecil thinks Jackie and Simone are in the bed, but little do they know, the girls are OUT! 

Curtis enjoys the house being quiet and the men are enjoying their wives being gone for the time being. Eugene thinks boxing helped get their frustrations out and it seems like the fellas are all good again. Back in Vegas, the ladies wake up the next day refreshed as Anila tells Kiran that she’s hungover and mentions the trip to the strip club. Toya tells Eugene about last night as Contessa admits to her trainer, Abdul, that she cheated on her diet. Jackie checks in with her assistant and claims she needs anointing since last night. Heavenly brings an IV for the ladies as Jackie makes sure there’s bacon ready for Toya. Simone comes in and admits this trip is the best trip ever as the Golden Girls drop it to the floor, LOL. The rest of the girls make it to breakfast as Contessa jokes with Jackie and Toya about last night’s activities. 

As the ladies eat, Quad expresses how fun the night was, and Heavenly asks Simone to send her that video so she can edit it. Simone continues poking at Heavenly as Simone jokes about putting Heavenly’s video on her big screen. Heavenly doesn’t find anything funny and tells Simone “Don’t do that.” Simone admits to feeling bad about how Heavenly’s intervention went and promises Heavenly that, that wasn’t the goal. Heavenly’s voice begins cracking as she addresses Contessa. Heavenly uses her words carefully as she tells Contessa that she had no idea her videos hurt her so much. Heavenly states that, that wasn’t her intention and Contessa hands Heavenly a napkin as she begins to cry. Heavenly apologized from the bottom of her soul and Contessa gets up and hugs Heavenly. 

Finally! The two have made up! Both ladies agree to move forward. Quad wants Heavenly to start thinking about how her words affect people and Heavenly admits that her videos and laughing are coping mechanisms for her. Everyone appreciates Heavenly’s honesty and feels like they’re making a breakthrough. Heavenly has a lot of trauma that she’s still working through and it’s clear some of that trauma spills over into the group. Toya asks “How do I believe Heavenly? How do I trust Heavenly?” Heavenly knows that she has to put some actions behind her words and only time will tell if Heavenly is changing for the better. The ladies begin packing to head back to Atlanta and soon the ladies are saying goodbye to Sin City! What a beautiful and messy trip! Be sure to come back next week to see what else happens on Married to Medicine!


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