Kelly Dodd Calls PK Kemsley & Mauricio Umansky ‘Pigs’

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Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd Calls PK Kemsley & Mauricio Umansky ‘Pigs’

Kelly Dodd is going after Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards’ husbands over comments made by the men that she perceived as disturbing.  

Kelly Dodd

The remarks were made during a dinner party hosted by Dorit Kemsley for the charity, Homeless Not Toothless. During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode that aired on August 10th, Dorit’s husband, PK Kemsley asked Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, which cast member was the best dressed, besides their wives.

“You look nice, ladies, don’t you?” PK Kemsley said, prompting Mauricio to reply, “Dorit’s dress is beautiful, Erika [Jayne’s] dress is short.”

Mauricio Umansky

“Who wins?” PK Kemsley asked, to which Mauricio replied, “My wife.”

“If we had to take wives out of the game, who wins, who wins?” PK Kemsley continued.

“Your wife,” Mauricio responded quickly — referring to PK’s wife, Dorit.

PK then explained to exclude both their wives from the mix.

“Oh, so I have to choose anyone but my wife and your wife?” Mauricio replied.

Mauricio picked Lisa Rinna, who wore a long-sleeved, sequined gold dress. PK Kemsley chose Erika Jayne, who dressed  as a self-proclaimed “hooker” in a tight black mini dress and fur shawl.

Mauricio Umansky

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd did not like the comments made by the husbands, and blasted the men on her podcast.

“Oh god, these guys are freaking pigs I had to say. I mean if I didn’t have [my husband] Rick [Leventhal] I would be a man-hater. I’m not lying, like I think men in their own genome are pigs. Exhibit A,” said the reality television personality.

Kelly Dodd

Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge also chimed in about the scene. During the August 2022 episode of their podcast, Two Ts In A PodTeddi shared that she, “did not mind the game so much.”

“I love games and I always play those kind of games. Like at my 40th I made all the husbands play that game. But I don’t feel like Mauricio has ever played that game when I’ve tried to get people to play. I don’t think he’s ever played before,” stated the former Bravo star.

Tamra Judge

Tamra on the other hand, disagreed with the comments being simply harmless – “think[s] that’s just a game of trouble. I think it was just like PK going like ‘who would you?’ Or something. I’m like no. Don’t. Don’t,” said the 54-year-old.

Teddi then asked Tamra to choose “one ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ husband.” Tamra selected Mauricio, however, it was clear that she did not approve of the game.

“The thing is that it’s different when it’s a guy and it is. It might be a double standard but it is different when a guy is like what wife would you want? To me I don’t know, the tone was different,” said the RHOC star.

Erika Jayne

Teddi agreed with her podcast co-host.

“It wasn’t like you said if you have to pick another person but it was like which one would you take and they are all standing there and Erika is practically naked. She’s in the world’s shortest dress – it felt a little, yeah — but I don’t think they meant any harm by it,” stated the All In founder.

Kyle Richards

Sutton Stracke commented about the episode on her Instagram by sharing a picture of herself and Garcelle Beauvais taken at the dinner party. She captioned the pic, “Who cares what the boys say in the corner?” 

Dorit Kemsley

Fans responded to Sutton’s post and shared their thoughts:

“You don’t want those boys in the corner 🤣🤣 You both deserve so much more 😍😍😍,” one person wrote. “The two of you are too classy for them-they know you are out of their league,” added another.

“Exactly, we don’t care. And that really should have ended up on the cutting room floor with the PK tooth footage,” another person commented.


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