‘RHOBH’ Fans Blast Kathy Hilton For ‘Cruel’ Comments About Charity!

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Bravo fans are slamming Kathy Hilton for making fun of Dorit Kemsley’s charity, Homeless Not Toothless!

In Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathy and the rest of the cast met up at Lisa Rinna’s house to promote Rinna’s latest business venture. Lisa was celebrating the launch of her own beauty line, Rinna Beauty. While at the party, the ladies began talking about old drama, including what happened during Dorit’s fundraiser for Homeless Not Toothless. Throughout their conversation, the women, including Hilton, kept referring to the charity as “Toothless Not Homeless.”

Kyle Richards

Despite Dorit stepping in to correct them about the name several times, they insisted to repeat “Toothless Not Homeless.” Kathy, especially, stood her ground and claimed, “I have worked with the homeless, I have worked with the toothless.” Everyone was laughing except Dorit and some of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers who were watching. One viewer said, “Kathy shows us exactly who she is with the “homeless not toothless” comments. She worked with homeless? Yeah okay, you have a maid in 2022 but I’m sure you worked with homeless.” Another fan tweeted, “not kathy saying homeless and toothless are the same thing? lol wtf is wrong with her.”

Kathy Hilton

Some viewers were grateful to Kathy for the laugh saying, “Im sorry but Kathy is the funniest on this show. Thank you Kathy because you make this show so much better and that charity name is really funny sorry Dorit.”

Another person said, “I’m with Kathy, we really didn’t spend enough time on the Homeless Not Toothless thing. As a society, we cannot sit by and act like that is a normal or acceptable name for a serious charitable organization.”

In an earlier episode, Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne were also laughing at the charity name when they met up before going to Dorit’s party. Kyle had brought up the name’s party before Erika said, “The name is wrong. It is just wrong. Definitely not going to forget it. I don’t know if it’s going to be us and the dentist or what.”

Kyle Richards then said as she laughed, “I can’t with this. Bring your spare teeth to the party… I may just have to send a check.” Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans on Twitter dragged Erika and Kyle after the scene aired. One person said, “erika and kyle laughing about homeless not toothless is sooooo sick and disgusting. its like wow ok you yall are just naturally terrible people.”

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