‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: Heavenly & Contessa Nearly Come to Blows in Vegas!

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Welcome back to a new episode of Married to Medicine! The ladies are in Las Vegas, living it up, as the men stay home and hold down the fort. The ladies are playing “Never Have I Ever” and seem to be bonding instead of fighting. Anila Sajja brings up having sex on the beach, and following, Dr. Jackie Walters admits to never smoking weed. Dr. Contessa Metcalfe thinks that if Jackie smoked a little, she might get too relaxed and quit her job, LOL. Anila mentions anal sex and only Anila drinks on that one, LOL. Jackie kicks the ladies out so they can go check out their rooms and the ladies are impressed with what they see so far. That night, the ladies dress up to head out to the strip as newbie Audra Martin checks in on hubby.

Quad Webb checks in on her mama as Contessa tries on a colorful wig for Dr. Scott Metcalfe. Scott warns Contessa not to engage with Heavenly and Contessa is all about fun on this trip. The ladies are having fun walking around the hotel and are ready to live it up! The ladies get seated as they wait on Quad to arrive. The ladies cheers to their first night as Quad shows up just in time. The ladies compliment Contessa’s cotton candy hair and Heavenly looks scared as she remains silent. Heavenly don’t know what Contessa’s on and I think it’s best to give each other some space for now. Contessa wants to go to a grown and sexy spot and Anila suggests the ladies go to a strip club. 

Simone says not tonight but tomorrow they’re going to pretend they have no husbands. Out of nowhere, Jackie pulls out a whip and surprises the heck out of the ladies. Jackie’s giving the ladies a taste of what’s to come and I’m excited! Dinner and drinks arrive, and Contessa expresses how happy she is that the trip’s going well. Quad’s excited to date but Simone dampens the mood by bringing up syphilis on the rise in the ATL. The ladies are getting lit as Quad notices Jackie’s jacket style. Quad doesn’t think Jackie’s loud with her money and Heavenly thinks everyone in the group is doing well for themselves. Audra chimes in and asks where she and Toya are now since Toya told Audra she wasn’t a good attorney.

Audra Martin

“Aw, s*** here we go,” Toya says as she prepares for what’s to come. Audra wants answers, and to prove a point, but Toya’s unbothered. Toya said she was just joking as Audra begins explaining that Africans don’t joke about their career. The table looks around and Toya begins explaining herself and Audra questions whether Toya has critical thinking skills. Quad quietly tells Toya that she can’t come for people’s careers and Toya laughs Audra off as she continues eating. Jackie has the ladies wrap up dinner as they head to the next spot. The ladies are in suspense as Jackie takes the girls to a private sex shop to let loose and hopefully grab a few goodies. Contessa’s surprised that Jackie planned something like this, and Jackie just wants the ladies to have fun and be free. 

In Heavenly’s confessional, she mentions noticing that Jackie’s in touch with her sexual intuition and wouldn’t be surprised if Jackie had her own porn channel. Now Heavenly, LOL. The ladies sit down to get a master class on the toys and how to get optimum pleasure. Toya admits to loving showerheads and Anila’s in the same boat as her, LOL. Quad asks questions about using vibrators and how to include a future spouse in on the fun. The staff explains withholding orgasms and none of the ladies are down with that. The women buy their gifts and leave happy! The next morning, Quad checks in Mason as Simone brings Kari Wells and Toya some coffee. Audra visits Anila in her room and Anila’s room is a mess.

Toya Bush-Harris

Simone asks Toya and Kari about last night and Toya pretends to forget Audra’s name. Simone tells Toya that she can’t predict how someone’s going to react to a joke and wants Toya to decide whether she’ll give the new girl a chance or not. Back in Atlanta, Dr. Eugene Harris is spending time with his boys as he relaxes without Toya’s constant screams. Dr. Kiran Sajja is handing the kids as they express how they miss their mommy. Kiran keeps the kids occupied while making dinner as Scott takes his kids out to paint. Scott talks to his daughter about wearing a little makeup and admits to being the sterner one in the relationship. 

Dr. Damon Kimes is teaching Alaura how to drive and he’s so patient with her! Damon wants to know what Alaura’s first move is when she gets her car and Alaura plans on going to a concert and staying out late. Alaura’s a daddy’s girl and it’s so cute to see! Back in Vegas, the ladies meet for breakfast and it’s Simone’s day to plan the adventures. After the ladies toast, Toya asks for some bacon and isn’t happy about the food options. The table laughs at Toya’s appetite and Toya’s not ashamed of loving bacon. Contessa on the other hand is not sticking to her diet and will have to pay the price when she gets home. Heavenly brings up Simone and Cecil’s upcoming book and Simone explains her reasoning for starting this project. 

Dr. Simone Whitmore

Simone, in her confessional, admits that during the hard times in her marriage, Heavenly listened to her and the two were close. Simone thinks Heavenly’s way of marriage is to shut your mouth and Heavenly thinks women should pick and choose their battles. Heavenly thinks women get their way most of the time, but the table disagrees. Toya admits someone told her the same when she first got married. Jackie chimes in about arguing with a fool and making up. Heavenly thinks Jackie is passive-aggressive, and Contessa doesn’t think anything’s wrong with that. Contessa thinks it’s dangerous to have multiple people in your ear and Heavenly throws a dagger right back by saying she doesn’t have that problem or a problem with people telling her to leave her husband! 

Simone tells Heavenly that it’s hurtful that Heavenly made-up rumors about Scott and Heavenly thinks she said the same things that were already out there. Simone tries to get Heavenly to understand and things start blowing up! Heavenly stands up and begins yelling and Contessa yells that words have power. Heavenly yells that everyone talks about everyone and that she won’t put her business out there for people to talk about. Heavenly and Contessa are yelling back and forth as Heavenly claims her marriage is perfect!

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly thinks Contessa’s mad at her man and the group separates Contessa and Heavenly before the two go to blows. Toya continues eating her bacon as everyone tries to calm the situation down. The two decide they aren’t friends anymore and Contessa throws up the deuces as she walks away. Contessa walks back up and calls Heavenly a fake friend as Kari and Toya continue their breakfast, LOL. After the two separate, Anila takes Heavenly and Audra to her room as Contessa and the rest of the ladies continue outside. Jackie prays over the group and asks for a difference and calm to help the ladies out. Toya speaks a word about breaking through to the other side and Toya has some sense now that she’s eaten. After breakfast, the ladies get into a pink hummer limo and Simone’s out of breath as she reinvites Heavenly to the group. 

Simone calls Heavenly but doesn’t answer, so Simone has Jackie call Heavenly to get with the program. Heavenly, Anila, and Audra rejoin the party and the group celebrates this small accomplishment. Simone takes the ladies to zipline across Freemont Street! The ladies get introduced to the rules and get geared up to fly! Toya’s afraid and doesn’t do well with heights but the group encourages her to keep going. The group’s all strapped up and Simone, Toya, and Kari are the first to go! Toya conquered her fears and the rest of the ladies let the drama from breakfast go to enjoy the moment! This is why we love these ladies! They fight and play even harder, and we love it! Be sure to come back next week for a brand-new episode of Married to Medicine! 

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