Plath Family Issues Statement Clarifying Credit Card Finale Narrative!

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Moriah Plath announced on Instagram over the weekend that the Plath family remains united amid controversy involving a credit card that unfolded in the season finale episode of Welcome to Plathville. The reality star shared more information about the issue in a seeming attempt to clarify Olivia Plath’s finale story. 

Olivia alleged that when she first married Ethan, his mom, Kim Plath, was using a credit card in his name and not paying the bill. She claimed that Ethan was locked out of the account and was kept in the dark about his mother’s transactions. Olivia claimed that she changed the account’s password, which sparked her first major argument with her mother-in-law.  

The statement from the family, posted on Moriah’s Instagram page, states that a “business agreement” existed between Ethan and his mother. It claims that Ethan brought in a “good bit of money” from the business. The statement states that everyone involved was aware of all transactions connected to the credit card. It appears to imply that the card was used strictly for the business involving Ethan and Kim, a narrative that challenges the story shared by Olivia. 

“We wanted to clear up something that Olivia said during the last episode,” the message reads on the second slide of the Instagram post. “What Olivia said about our mom using Ethan’s credit card was not the full story. Mom and Ethan had a business agreement in which Ethan earned a good bit of money. And both parties were aware of any transactions that were made. Our mom would have had the opportunity to defend herself and tell her side of the story.”

The statement continues—“Some of us kids have been rebels and are finding our place in life and are very thankful to be supported and unconditionally loved by out family…no matter what choices we make or who we become. Please remember that we are human and do make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and we continue to learn and grow with every day. Not one person is at fault.”

“We also have younger siblings that are at very vulnerable ages and this is not fair nor healthy for them. We’ve come to the realization that unless we speak up this cycle will never end. We ask that you have compassion for us and understand that not everything you see on the show is as it actually is in real life.”

Olivia and her mother-in-law have shared a tumultuous relationship. The duo had a falling out during Season 1, which led to Olivia, 24, and her husband, Ethan Plath, becoming estranged from Ethan’s parents, Barry and Kim, for several years. The group had not seen each other ahead of Joshua Plath’s memorial gathering, which was featured in a previous episode. The clan gathered together to honor the Plath sibling, who died in 2008 at 17 months old. 


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