DISTURBING Images of Wendy Williams Spark Major Concern For Her Mental Health!

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Wendy Williams‘ fans have been worried about her after new photos of the talk show host went viral. 

On Monday, Wendy was spotted stepping out of her hotel with a man who is her alleged manager. The former Wendy Williams Show host was smiling as she stood outside her hotel. Wendy was dressed in a black shirt and tiny blue shorts that showed off her slim figure. At one point, while she was outside, the former TV host looked confused and was even heard asking “Where are we going?” After that, she was seen walking in and out of her hotel a few times before she said, “Well, my American Express is broken, so I gotta take care of that.” Then she asked, “Where am I flying? This is not where I’m flying.”

Wendy Williams

Wendy also looked like she had lost a significant amount of weight on her face. This is not the first time Wendy’s fans have expressed their fear for her well-being and mental health. She sparked more concern last month when Hollywood Unlocked CEO, Jason Lee, leaked a phone call where Wendy Williams said she was married to someone. However, her family and close friends insisted that she wasn’t married to anyone. Her manager, Will Selby, said that Wendy said this because she was going through a rough patch. “Maybe that’s something that she wants to do? So it could look like her life isn’t that bad?” Will continued to say, “So she’s looking desperately for a win. And sometimes when you become desperate, you know, you say foolish things.”

A source close to Wendy told The Sun that everyone close to her knows that she is not okay. They said, “Everyone knows she is out of it. You can be on the phone with her, and she will ask who she’s speaking to. It’s happening to everyone in her circle.” Another source told the news outlet, “The spark is gone. That Wendy, who, for ten years, had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin, and that little wink is not the same now. She has been having a hard time holding a conversation.” Her manager sort of dismissed the claims about her forgetfulness. Selby said that he has had to “jog her memory about who people are on occasion but she has never totally forgotten who someone is.”


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