‘Married to Medicine’ RECAP: The Ladies Let Loose In Vegas With A Game Of ‘Never Have I Ever!’

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Welcome back to Married to Medicine! The husbands are out axe throwing and Dr. Eugene Harris explains his frustration around being the butt of Dr. Kiran Sajja and Anila Sajja’s joke. Kiran apologizes that it hurt the pair but doesn’t back down on the effectiveness of the joke. Eugene doesn’t feel the apology is genuine but Kiran chalks it up to Eugene being in his feelings. Cecil Whitmore believes Kiran didn’t have bad intentions, but Eugene ain’t trying to hear any of that. Kiran apologizes to Eugene but not in the way Eugene finds acceptable. Kiran makes a comment about being a “dull motherf**ker” which causes Eugene to get up from his seat. This is all emotions and misunderstandings, and Kiran clarifies as Eugene sits down. 

Dr. Scott Metcalfe thought he was sitting with the ladies the way these men were going at it. Curtis Walters tells the men to come to a solution and Kiran clarifies that the joke wasn’t intended to be malicious. Dr. Damon Kimes brings the fellas back together by spitting some gospel and explaining how to develop thick skin. Damon won’t react to what the ladies do but will react to what the husbands do. The men come to an understanding and begin axe throwing after safety training. Cecil admits that it wasn’t a good idea to go axe throwing with the current tensions, but the damage is done now, LOL. The men bury the hatchet by burying axes into wood for the night. 

The next day, Quad Webb’s chatting with her nephew, Mason, as Toya Bush-Harris talks to her boys about their future dating type. Dr. Scott and their daughter visit Dr. Contessa Metcalfe at their practice. Dr. Heavenly Kimes visits Dr. Jackie Walters’ office with lunch as Simone Whitmore arrives. Simone’s obviously surprised by Heavenly being there but doesn’t miss a beat as she takes a seat. Jackie wants the women to go on a trip, but Simone wonders how that’s going to happen with Heavenly beefing with everyone. Heavenly claims to be in a good place with everyone as we get a brief snippet of Heavenly’s apology tour. Heavenly knows she went too far but knows she has to deal with the consequences of her actions. 

Simone wants to go to Las Vegas and Jackie and Heavenly are down to get wild! The trilogy makes their final decisions, and it looks like the ladies are going to Vegas, baby! That evening, Anila and the kids bring Dr. Kiran dinner at his office. Kiran not only got dinner but a bottle of brown as well. Dr. Kiran’s still taking precautions at his office, but things are looking up post-pandemic. The kids have been eating a lot of pizza since Ms. Gomez left and Anila continues complaining about the adjustment at home. Anila’s getting busier with blogging, and Kiran suggests finding another nanny to help out. Anila’s tried to reach out to her village for help but unfortunately hasn’t gotten anywhere. Anila suggests her mother move in with them in order to help with the kids. Kiran is NOT with that as Anila’s mother is controlling and hard to please. Anila wants to do a trial period with her parents and Kiran hesitantly agrees. 

At Contessa’s the next day, she’s meeting with her trainer, Abdul, for another power session. Contessa discusses her meal plan with Abdul while trying to find ways to cut corners. Contessa has six months until her competition and needs to get herself in gear for this type of fitness. Abdul guarantees Contessa a place in the competition if she follows his regimen. Contessa’s worried about the food that’ll be on the trip but promises to do her best to stick to the diet. Abdul measures Contessa and I’m still wondering if this bodybuilding is for real or just a scapegoat for her marital problems. Laila comes in as Abdul is measuring Contessa’s waist and Laila has a bone to pick with Abdul for throwing her Halloween candy away, LOL. 

That evening, Audra Frimpong Curry visits Dr. Heavenly with a car full of dogs. Audra recently came back from Ghana and is excited to attend the Vegas trip. Heavenly shows Audra her clothes for Vegas and Audra expresses her excitement to party. Audra checks in with Heavenly about the botched intervention and Heavenly explains her perception of events. Heavenly’s still hurt and Audra wants to know where the ladies go from here. Heavenly plans to pull Contessa to the side and have a conversation. Audra warns Heavenly that Contessa may want to fight but the two laugh off the foreshadowing. 

Quad’s at home finishing up packing as Toya rumbles through her closet. Eugene brings Toya her luggage and coffee as Simone shows off her clothes to Cecil. Curtis and Jackie flirt at home as Contessa contemplates her outfits for Vegas. Contessa reads the text from Heavenly, but Contessa wants Heavenly’s apology to be as public as the betrayal. The ladies arrive at the airport and Jackie’s excited to show the women a good time. Jackie admits to Heavenly and Simone that two women have to share a room and Jackie picks Simone to room with, much to Heavenly’s displeasure. Even Kari Wells is going to Vegas with the ladies and everyone’s at the airport but Contessa. Contessa arrives shortly after, and everyone boards the plan for Vegas! 

The Golden Girls arrive in Vegas and it’s time to get the party started! The ladies dance their way onto the sprinter while looking around for the alcohol. Jackie has water for them in the meantime and honestly, they all need it. The ladies arrive at the hotel and head straight for the bar. After toasting and filling up on liquid courage, the ladies go upstairs to check out the place. Jackie’s staying in the presidential suite and has food and champagne waiting for everyone. Heavenly’s still mad that she’s excluded from the presidential suite as Toya, Audra, Quad, and Kari fill up on food. Heavenly tries to join Simone in her room but Simone ain’t letting Heavenly sleep with her, LOL. Jackie hands out room keys as Contessa clearly cheats on her meal plan. 

Anila wants to play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and Contessa makes a comment about some people not being transparent. Audra chimes in as Contessa continues throwing silent grenades at Heavenly. Toya wants Jackie to drink something stronger than ginger beer and Audra comes to Jackie’s defense. Toya’s tired of the group making special accommodations for Jackie and Audra doesn’t understand what Toya’s issue is. Tipsy Toya has arrived and tells Audra that she’s not a good attorney. 

Audra takes up for herself and soon we see the beginning of the end of Toya and Audra’s acquaintance relationship. Simone starts the game off, and Contessa admits to whopping her kids. Simone pleads the fifth as Anila throws the threesome comment out there. Contessa tries to drink and Heavenly catches Contessa lying. Apparently, everyone thinks Contessa’s had a threesome and the people need to know this story! 

The game continues as Heavenly blasts Jackie about not doing 69 and the crew seems to be enjoying each other. Contessa explains how she got a car repossessed while she was in college and the group collectively admits to cheating on former boyfriends. Jackie admits to receiving vagina pictures from people as Quad explains her dislike for d**k pics. Contessa admits that men and women solicit her company as Jackie breaks up the game to instruct the ladies to get ready for dinner. That’s it for day one of the ladies’ Vegas trip. Be sure to come back next week to see what else unfolds on Married to Medicine! 

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