‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Tea: Ashley & Don’s Rocky Marriage Put On Blast!

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Black Ink Crew: Chicago stars, Ashley Brumfield and Don Brumfield’s marriage has been put on blast by fans after a recent preview!

In the preview of Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s upcoming season, it seems that Ashley and Don’s marriage is on the rocks. In one scene, the couple goes to therapy and ends up blowing up at each other. Ashley wasn’t okay with Don telling her she hasn’t been a good wife to him. She said, “You think I’m going to sit here and let you tell me that I’m not a good wife?! If you would have told me that we wouldn’t be here right now.” Ashley got so loud in the scene that the therapist had to come between them. 

Black Ink Crew: Chicago fans didn’t like Don and Ashley’s therapy scene and feel like it is time for her to leave the marriage since the two are constantly fighting with each other. One fan tweeted, “Ashley yelling @ Don every season was always refreshing.” Another fan added that Ashley has stayed with Don over several cheating allegations and they even separated at one time. The VH1 stars have been married since and share two children together. Don also has a daughter from a side relationship he had while with Ashley.

Van Johnson

Another scene that got a lot of fans’ attention was between Van Johnson and Ryan Henry. Van asked what he did he do to make them stop talking and ruin their relationship. Don answered him and said it was from a tattoo he did years ago. He was referring to a tattoo Van did that ended up giving a client an infection. Van clarified, “She actually sued me for over $600,000.” Don then added, “Ryan ended up having to pay that bill, G.” Ryan is also having problems with his current employees at the shop after one of them makes it clear that they are done doing the show!

“**** the show, bro! We don’t have to do the show for people to respect us,” one of Ryan’s artists said. Ryan responds and questions if he even still wants to do Black Ink Crew: Chicago anymore. He said, “Did we not go around the world and let people know that 9 Mag was about great art? That’s what we are and that’s what we gon continue to do whether it’s with or without TV. I may not be able to do this **** no more. I gotta take a step back from everything.” 

Watch the preview below!

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