RHOBH’s Sheree Zampino Accused of Scamming… Tells Fans They’ll Be Blessed If They Send Her Money!

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After Sheree Zampino was accused of selling overpriced knockoff designer bags on her website, a resurfaced Instagram post points to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer allegedly engaging in a pattern to rip off the public.  

Sheree Zampino

Last April, Sheree posted a video alongside her Cash App and Venmo information as part of a caption written to inspire her followers. 

“Wake up my sister!!!!” Sheree captioned the video.  

“A Word ON Today!!!”

#Tag someone if this blesses you … perhaps it will bless them too!”

“***Many ask about sowing into these words (and HAVE, thank you!) – sowing is an OPPORTUNITY, and way of spiritual agreement & participation. Even if it’s a $1, it’s still a legit SEED! Remember, you reap what you SOW = no sowing, no reaping. Let’s get into agreement and GROW together! $ShereeZampino (Cash App)
@Sheree-Zampino (Venmo) #5999

Sheree Zampino

Sheree’s motivational video encouraged her followers to “listen and trust your discernment” because “it is God-given.” 

“That’s the word, that’s just it,” Sheree concluded. “You know exactly what to do. Be blessed, my sister.”

Watch the video below!

Some followers cheered Sheree on—but many called out the reality star’s mini-sermon and wanted to know why the Bravo star was asking for cash.

One user asked—Wait, ppl call you out for selling fake Alibaba bags online and your response is to beg for cashapp/venmo donations?! Lady, are you a secret charity or something?”

Sheree Zampino

Another wrote—“This is what scammy preachers say. This is manipulative.”

A third said—“This is so ghetto. Are you broke? Why you begging for money… Ew 😂😢.”

One follower wrote—-“Girl why you asking for money like ur a soup kitchen”

Another noted—“Omg no i didn’t like her on the show and wtf with this she’s nuts.” 

One user compared Sheree to former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City preacher, Mary Cosby, writing—“Giving mary cosby scam vibes with this one.”

Sheree Zampino

A fan pointed out—“This is not the way, sis! They’re gonna blast you for posting your cash app and zelle info on here!”

Another snarked—“The spirit told me to save my coins and to tell you to get a job and stop begging for money on insta. Stay blessed and do gods mission!”

One viewer asked—“What? You’re scamming people? @bravoandy you see this?”

Another commented—“What kind of scamming bullshit is this? You should be ashamed of yourself. My God.”

Sheree Zampino

Bravo fans noticed earlier this week that items offered in Sheree’s online store were actually cheap designer fakes. They reported that there were identical bags listed on China’s Alibaba website priced far less than on the RHOBH star’s site. 

Sheree first appeared on RHOBH in Season 4 with then-husband Terrell Fletcher, and again alongside Garcelle Beauvais during Seasons 10 and 11. She now appears in an official “friend” role.


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