Southern Charm: Austen Kroll Meets Up With Ex Madison LeCroy Following Her Engagement!

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Austen Kroll had an awkward meet-up with ex, Madison LeCroy, during the recent episode of Southern Charm.

During this week’s episode of Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell announced they had gotten back together. She said to the cameras, “Basically, there’s slim pickings in Charleston and honestly, this is the closest thing to a normal relationship than really what I’ve ever had and I don’t want to let it go so easily.” While at the party, Kathryn shared her good news with Austen, but when his ex, Madison LeCroy, showed up, he bolted. He declared, “I’m going to get my drink and make my exit.” He then questioned why Olivia Flowers even invited his ex to the party.

Austen Kroll

Austen said in a confessional to the cameras, “Why is Madison here after all the s— that I’ve said to Olivia about her? Why would you want this person around? You’re not going to be friends with my ex.” When John Pringle told him that he should congratulate LeCroy on her engagement, he refused. According to Austen, he felt that Madison not telling him about her engagement was very hurtful. “There were real feelings there and when she got engaged, it hit me and it really hurt and I didn’t know that it would so much,” Austen said in an on-camera interview. “The fact that Madison didn’t give a s— enough to tell me that she was getting engaged, it just felt like a big final f— you.”

Naomie Olindo

Instead of congratulating his ex, Austen confronted Olivia about inviting her and said that he felt slighted. She said she only wanted to co-exist with Madison and told Austen that his reaction was the problem. “I’m waiting for the day for you not to care about her,” Olivia said. Craig’s ex, Naomie Olindo, was also in attendance and spoke to Chleb about getting back together with Kathryn. He said, “Her conversations are just about drama.” Naomie asked, “So you’re feeling overwhelmed?” To which Chleb said “yes” and added, “I think being around her is f—ing … I don’t know. I feel like I’m the person here put on this earth that can break her through this s—.”

Naomie then told him that he should be more honest with Kathryn about how he feels. She also pointed out that he has a savior complex. Chleb went back to talk to Kathryn. “Naomie’s a f—ing c—. She was trying to basically manipulate me and our conversation,” he explained. “And I’m so sorry I said that word.” Kathryn agreed with him and said, “Don’t be sorry. That’s what she is.”

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