RHODubai: Caroline Stanbury Reacts To Chanel Ayan’s Shade At Husband Sergio Carrallo!

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Caroline Stanbury reacted to some of Chanel Ayan’s shady comments about her husband. 

Caroline Stanbury appeared on the July 27 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and had a lot to say about her co-star, Chanel Ayan. The two got into an argument during a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai because according to Caroline, the supermodel came to her engagement party dressed as her. However, Ayan insisted that they could never look alike because she is a black woman. While on the show, Andy asked the RHODubai star why she was so bothered by Ayan’s outfit.

Stanbury responded and said that it all came down to the supermodel’s train which looked like one a bride would wear. “I think what did it for me, watching it back, I’ve understood what I meant was ‘train,’ not ‘veil.’ She was wearing a train which really bothered me because brides wear a train. And she put on a blonde wig.” The Bravo star also addressed the audience saying, “Come on people! She came as me!” When Cohen asked Stanbury to give Ayan the benefit of the doubt and possibly think she was paying tribute to her, she responded, “You think Ayan paid tribute to me? If I was dead, maybe!” 

Andy also asked the Real Housewives of Dubai star why she always brings Sergio to events with her and if it’s because she’s incapable of standing on her own two feet. Caroline said, “It’s not about standing on my own against the ladies at all. If anything, he always sides with the ladies, unfortunately for me [laughs]. I just like having him around. He’s my best friend.”

Sergio Carrallo

During the After Show, one fan asked Caroline about Ayan’s recent shade about Sergio from the July 27 episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai. The mother of one had spoken about Sergio’s crying during his wedding to Caroline. “People cry for different reasons. Is it out of love and excitement, or he just doesn’t know what he was getting himself into? Or gas. Gas can make you cry!”

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline joked about her comment and said, “She also said it could’ve been gas, so I’m going with the gas.” In a behind-the-scenes clip of her wedding from BravoTv.com, Caroline said that her wedding day was a fairytale. “I must have been really good in a past life, I just don’t get it. Most people go through their whole life not being able to find someone that ever loves them this way, and Sergio just has opened me up to an unconditional love that truly is unconditional.”

Watch the clip below!


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