‘Below Deck’ Star Rachel Hargrove Calls Austen Kroll A ‘Drunk’ & Cokehead’

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Below Deck alum, Rachel Hargrove, raised fan eyebrows when she revealed that there’s ongoing hostility between her and Southern Charm star, Austen Kroll. 

Rachel dished a story about Austen’s beer brand, Trop Hop, on Twitter Tuesday, writing—“Cheers to the most narsasitic [SIC] twat on @BravoTV.”

The chef’s followers wanted to know why she had been “so insulting” lately.  Rachel replied—“I’m at home… and have time.” 

Another Twitter user pointed out that Rachel would likely get along with Austen’s ex and co-star, Madison LeCroy. 

“I’ve never met her. But I did have the unfortunate experience of being around him,” Rachel revealed. 

Austen Kroll trashed his ex after watching Madison announce her engagement to Brett Randle during an Amazon Livestream. Austen heard the news alongside his male co-stars, during the July 7th episode of Southern Charm.  

“What a poor bastard he is to a life of servitude with f–king Medusa,” Austen said.  

Rachel Hargrove

The 39-year-old reality star spoke about crossing paths with Austen in May, during the NBC Upfronts. In a since-deleted post, Rachel claimed that Austen and Shep Rose had rummaged through her bag at the event. She also alleged that she had a previous negative experience with Austen, after meeting the Charleston businessman, in Florida. Rachel posted a screenshot of her Instagram DM exchange with Austen, where he shared his shock over her recent remarks on social media.

Austen has yet to comment on the conflict.  

Rachel later hinted that she was calling it quits with Bravo when she tweeted—“F–k Below Deck,” on Wednesday. 

The chef added that she would no longer be “accociated [sic] ” with “organizations” she doesn’t “believe in.” 

Rachel appeared in Seasons 8 and 9 of the popular yachting reality series. The chef famously clashed with co-star, Eddie Lucas, after he shared his concern about her excessive drinking habits. He also pointed to her decision to quit right before an upcoming charter, during her first season. Fans know that Rachel returned to the yacht the next day and resumed her duties. 

Rachel spoke to Us Weekly about the cast dispute, in October 2021.

“For me, grudges mean that I would actually have to care and give significance to that issue or that individual. I don’t,” Rachel told the outlet. “Also if you work in restaurants and in kitchens, my behavior is nothing different than anybody else’s. It’s just a little bit extra emphasized.”

Rachel’s boozy antics were featured during her debut season, but the reality TV chef chose to find the humor in her embarrassing behavior.

“It’s definitely bad, but I’m always onstage — doesn’t matter if I’m drinking or not,” she joked. “But maybe I should have not drank as much and really had a nap.” 


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