‘RHOA’ RECAP: Kenya Moore Crosses The Line With Mean Comments About Marlo Hampton’s Nephews!

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Welcome back to Blue Ridge, GA, peaches! As the ladies head back to the house in the sprinter, Marlo Hampton reviews the group’s upcoming activities. Marlo plans for the ladies to go gem mining, enjoy a chef-catered dinner, and play games to get in the sleepover spirit. Shereé Whitfield and Kandi Burruss talk bears as Marlo, Shereé, and Sanya Richards-Ross take pictures. Before heading to bed, Marlo complains about Kenya again as the ladies listen on. The next day, Marlo checks on the mimosas for the ladies as Sanya chats with her mama. Drew Sidora’s checking in on Ralph Pittman and the kids as Marlo continues bringing up Kenya potentially coming. Drew’s upset that Shereé’s friend Fatum’s coming and Sanya tells her mama about the issues between Kenya and Marlo. 

Kenya Moore

Kenya arrives out of breath and proceeds to let herself in the house as everyone’s waking up. Kenya’s in her own house down the street but pops in on Drew for a quick chat. Drew’s so happy that Kenya’s there and the two have a cute moment with Drew’s robe. Everyone but Marlo is happy that Kenya’s there and Kenya proceeds to compliment Marlo’s rental while avoiding her. Marlo tries to give Kenya a hug and Kenya pays Marlo DUST! Kenya’s not here for the fakery and I ain’t mad at her! Marlo’s trying to hold it together, but she’s clearly bothered by Kenya’s unbotheredness towards her, SMH. As Kenya makes herself comfortable, Marlo asks Kenya to come to her room to chat for a second. Kenya’s having a good ole time as Sanya tries to direct Kenya to talk to Marlo, but Kenya is paying Sanya no mind, LOL. 

Marlo looks like a sad puppy as she climbs in her make-up chair in hopes that Kenya will come and talk to her. While Marlo’s waiting, she calls her manager and begins complaining about Kenya, LOL. Marlo, this is sad at this point, SMH. Once Kenya’s done touring the house, she and Sanya sit on the couch to chat. Sanya asks Kenya if she has her bags with her and Kenya admits they’re in the car. Marlo’s manager commends her on being the bigger person and clearly, this manager gets paid to lie to Marlo. Downstairs, Sanya tells Kenya that Marlo’s happy she’s there and that she has a gift for Kenya. Kenya’s in no hurry to speak with Marlo but Sanya continues pressing the issue. Kenya wishes she brought sage with her and now Sanya’s unsure whether Kenya should be on the trip.

Sanya thinks Marlo looks up to Kenya and is sensitive when Kenya doesn’t give Marlo the attention she’s looking for. Kenya doesn’t buy it and feels Marlo treats everyone like that. Kenya brings up Marlo kicking her nephews out of the house and Sanya tries to give Marlo the benefit of doubt. Kenya plays the “world’s smallest violin” for Marlo and explains to Sanya what happened to her in the past. Kenya shares that when she wanted to know her mom’s family, her grandma got tired of taking care of her and sent her back. Before Kenya went back to her old home, she jumped out of a moving van and ran away for weeks! Goodness! Kenya believes Marlo’s actions will add to her nephews’ trauma and Kenya is offended as a mother. Kenya thinks if Marlo can treat her family like that, then she doesn’t care about her! 

As the ladies are getting ready for the day, Sanya shows Kenya to the glam room as she proceeds to collect Shereé to spill the beans to Marlo. Sanya and Shereé collect Marlo as she’s getting her make-up done and take her into a separate room to start the BS. Sanya begins by telling Marlo that she likes them both but that Kenya’s not here for Marlo’s healing. Sanya doesn’t think she’s being the bone collector but after Shereé hears the tea, she gladly passes the torch to Sanya. Sanya tells Marlo about Kenya’s comments about the boys and that gives Marlo the greenlight to explode. Marlo is confused as to how Kenya knows about her nephews and Shereé admits to providing Kenya with those details. Shereé claims to love Kenya but admits that Kenya’s bringing bad energy. Marlo says a fake prayer before getting up and heading straight for Kenya.

Kenya, Monyetta, and Kandi are eating in the kitchen as Sanya and Shereé join them for breakfast. Kenya reminds Shereé that she has a call with Kenya’s fashion guy and Kenya makes sure Shereé has a notebook for notes. Shereé’s still struggling to do everything on her own and Kandi gives adequate advice to use in the future. Shereé appreciates Kandi giving business tips and I think the two may finally be on a better path. Drew joins the ladies for breakfast as the rest of the group heads down for Marlo to give instructions. As Marlo explains gem mining, Fatum arrives, much to Drew’s dismay. Marlo directs everyone to get in the sprinter and asks Kenya to stay back so they can chat. 

Kenya ignores Marlo at first which makes Marlo repeat herself and I can already tell this is bad. Kenya says she’ll figure it out and Marlo doesn’t appreciate that answer. Marlo begins telling Kenya that she can leave, and Kenya tells Marlo not to speak to her that way. Kenya tells Marlo to change her tone and Marlo starts following Kenya as she tries to speak to her. Cameras and producers are in disarray, and this is a mess! Kandi yells that it’s too early for all of this, and I agree! Kenya’s laughing as Marlo searches for her, and it’s is a full maze, at this point. Marlo and Kenya make it back to the rest of the ladies and Marlo starts yelling about Kenya being afraid to talk to her. 

The group looks on as Kenya and Marlo continue arguing with no resolve in sight, and Marlo wants to know how much a**-kissing she has to do on her trip. Kandi tries to get Kenya to settle down and Kenya’s not backing down. Kenya wants to talk in front of the group while Marlo wants to talk to Kenya “woman to woman.” Kenya says “no” again and we’re back to square one. Kandi reminds Kenya that she doesn’t like being intentionally poked and wants Kenya to treat Marlo with the same respect. 

Kenya doesn’t like when people insult her and feels that as long as someone speaks to her with respect, she, in return, can be respectful. Marlo calls bullsh*t and tells Kenya to have a safe trip on her way back. The ladies are trying to head out the door, but Marlo and Kenya are holding everyone up. Marlo continues yelling at Kenya as they head to the sprinters and tells Kenya that no one is going to take her away from her nephews. Kenya replies, “We know because you gave them away,” and Marlo proceeds to call Kenya “Trash.” Marlo’s still yelling as Kenya pretends to be on the phone. Marlo tells the driver that Kenya’s not a part of the group and Kenya climbs in the car anyway. Kenya calls Marlo a loser and everyone waits for the storm to pass so they can continue their day. 

After an hour and a half passes, the ladies are still in the driveway, and now Drew brings up her issues with Fatum. Out of nowhere, Fatum gets upset and begins going off on Drew! Fatum drunkenly tells Drew not to come for her as security separates the two. Drew calls FatumShereé’s lapdog” and begins barking at her, SMH. Shereé takes up for Fatum and Kandi’s just in the back watching it all go down. Kandi, Monyetta, and Kenya go around back to take pictures and jump on the trampoline. Shereé, Marlo, and Sanya head inside as Marlo breaks down crying. Kandi and the ladies are outside having a ball as Marlo’s having a breakdown. Shereé and Sanya convince Marlo to get it together before heading out and joining the ladies out back. 

Marlo and Shereé jump on the trampoline for a sec before gathering the girls to go mining. The group arrives at the mining company and Marlo thanks Sanya for her support on the trip. The ladies meet the mine owner and get a crash course on gems before Kenya messes up the owner’s Trump sign, LOL. The ladies get some beautiful crystals and Kandi checks in on Drew as Fatum sits down and Drew skedaddles away from her. Fatum is ready for Drew but Drew ain’t ready to face those accusations. Marlo believes the trip is ruined and has no more energy to make it nice. Shereé catches Marlo packing and tries to talk Marlo out of canceling the trip, to no avail. 

Marlo Hampton

Shereé gathers the ladies, and everyone meets in the living room for Marlo’s announcement. Once everyone’s seated, Marlo thanks the ladies for coming but informs the ladies that she feels worse than she did when she arrived. Marlo gives her spiel and Fatum apologizes to Marlo for disrupting her trip. Drew inserts herself and things begin to go left. Drew throws a doggie bone at Fatum and everyone’s confused, LOL. After the commotion, Marlo tells the group that she called their cars and wants everyone to leave. Kenya gets up immediately to gather her things and Marlo’s still talking as Kenya packs, LOL. Marlo wanted the trip to be about her and everyone respects her decision. Marlo chats with her MUA for a second while the ladies get their things together. Welp, this trip was a waste of time. Come back next week to see what else these crazy ladies do on The Real Housewives of Atlanta! 

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