‘Big Brother’ Alums Blast Cast’s Bullying Of Taylor Hale: ‘Reprehensible!’

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Former Big Brother stars sounded off on social media over the weekend, demanding justice for Taylor Hale. Former participants of the reality show bashed the Season 24 cast for mistreating and excluding Hale, one of the women on the cast. 

Taylor Hale

Xavier Prather, a former member of all-black alliance, The Cookout, and Season 23 winner, took to Twitter on Sunday to put the CBS cast on blast. 

Prather wrote—“Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color stand no chance in the Big Brother House due to the perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society.”

Xavier Prather

Prather, 28, called the current group’s behavior “reprehensible” after Hale was seen breaking down in tears, after seemingly overhearing some of her housemates cutting her down.

“In the future, I hope it doesn’t take a ‘Cookout’ for black houseguests (or any POC houseguest) to finally escape the feeling of being ostracized within the Big Brother House for simply existing,” Prather added. “Change is a MUST! Until then, I know my fellow Michigander will keep her head high and stand tall like the Queen that she is.”

Taylor Hicks

Tiffany Mitchell, 41, another member of The Cookout, also spoke out after watching a clip of Monte Taylor and Terrance Higgins talking about Hale on live feeds. 

Mitchell, who tweeted that she was “FUMING” added—“two black men gossiping and tearing down another black woman who actually did NOTHING to them. Accusing her of being condesending [sic] because she actually has a personality.”

Taylor Hale

Mitchell also called out at Daniel Durston, for purportedly commenting that he knew Hale “would be bad news” the moment he laid eyes on her.  

“Just by looking at her. Not talking to her. Not witnessing her doing something. Just looked at her and determined bad news. O K,” she tweeted.

Taylor Hale

Famous Big Brother alums, Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Reilly, also sounded off in support of Hale. 

“Let’s make the beautiful quiet women who has literally done nothing but breathe, cry and make her feel like s–t. She is crying after hearing [Paloma Aguilar] talk crap about her. So fricken sad 😞,” Pierzina wrote alongside a video of Hale weeping.  

Reilly asked—“can we just put females that empower and lift each other up on already?”

Sunday’s episode of the reality competition show featured footage of Hale playing pool upstairs with her male housemates while the other women gathered downstairs to chatter about the former Miss Michigan. Hale’s female co-stars dismissed the former Miss USA contestant as a “pageant girl.” 

“Big Brother” airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS. 


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