Melody Holt Exposes Arionne Curry’s LIES Over Family Vacation Drama!

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Melody Holt had a few things to say about Arionne Curry’s recent video where she spoke about Melody’s recent vacation.

When Love and Marriage: Huntsville fans spotted Melody Holt and Martell Holt vacationing together, rumors began going around that the two had gotten back together. Despite this, Melody denied the claims and said they were taking these steps to improve their co-parenting relationship. After Melody and Martell’s vacation went viral, fans asked Arionne Curry what she thought about it.

One fan asked Martell’s former mistress why her child was missing from the vacation, and this is what she had to say. Arionne said she would have allowed her son to go on vacation if they hadn’t been filming. She said she didn’t want her son to appear on Love & Marriage: Huntsville. She added, “Y’all if they weren’t filming, I would have sent my son on vacation. I would have y’all, I promise I would have. Y’all wouldn’t see my son. But I would have sent him if they weren’t filming.”

When Melody was asked about Curry’s comments on their vacation on Facebook, she alleged that things weren’t exactly how Arionne painted them out to be. Melody Holt told her followers that she had originally planned the trip only for her kids. “No ma’am. This was my trip I was planning for my kids and I only, and I offered a courtesy to Martell that he could attend, along with his mother. No mention or discussion of any extra parties.” 

Melody Holt

Melody and Martell’s marriage didn’t work out because he decided he wasn’t going to be faithful to her.  Martell’s affair with Arionne Curry led to the birth of his fifth child. Melody Holt had said her ex’s cheating ways were not the only thing that pushed her to divorce Martell. “For me, during that time there were certain statements and comments that were made that showed me that he had not matured at all.”

The former couple’s divorce settlement revealed that the two have joint legal and physical custody of their four children. They share kids,  Maliah Selene Holt, Mariah Holt, Martell Holt, and Malani Holt. The former couple’s vacation spot with their children is somewhere they often visited during their marriage. One fan tweeted about Melody and Martell’s vacay. “They’re probably both co-parenting and back together. But that’s their business, If they are good for them after all they do have 4 children together.”

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