LaTisha Scott Called Out For Miss Wanda’s Comments Regarding Holt Kids!

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LaTisha Scott recently responded to fans who came after her mother for saying Martell Holt’s kids might not be his!  

Melody Holt

Love and Marriage: Huntsville star, Miss Wanda, had said some nasty things during LaTisha Scott’s feud with Melody Holt. She said that she doesn’t believe Martell is the biological father of Malani Holt and that Melody needed to get a DNA test to find out. Her comments led to Melody confronting her at an event and they even put their hands in each other’s faces. Fans were outraged by the situation and started a petition to get Miss Wanda kicked off the show. Marsau Scott confirmed that producers haven’t taken any action and Miss Wanda is still filming scenes with her family. 

LaTisha Scott

Love and Marriage: Huntsville is currently filming season 4. Fans called out LaTisha and her mother because her comments about Holt’s kids had gone too far. It all began when Miss Wanda made an appearance on The Nightcap with Carlos King with Marsau by his side. When Carlos promoted the episode on his Instagram, LaTisha showed some love to them in the comment section. Carlos King said, “Now that you picked your jaws up off the floor after watching the trailer for the rest of the season of #LAMH, catch #TheNightcap with my guest Miss Wanda and @marsau_s where we get down to some thangs!” LaTisha responded saying, “my two favs!”

LaTisha Scott’s comment on the host’s post sent a lot of criticism from Love & Marriage: Huntsville fans. One fan commented, “y’all just need to crawl under a rock talking about an innocent baby. When Marsau probably got other seeds out here.” LaTisha Scott responded, “Who said anything about a baby?” A soon-to-be ex-fan came at the Love & Marriage: Huntsville star saying, “Boo definitely not watching. Can’t support someone who continue to talk recklessly about kids!!! Never heard the the Holts say anything about the Scott children.” LaTisha responded to the last comment by saying, “And the Scotts never said anything about the Holts kids.”

Miss Wanda

Despite LaTisha’s response, fans flooded the comment section saying they want Miss Wanda gone from the show. One person even came after the show’s host, “Carlos as show’s creator, is this what you do. This show is turning into Love and Hip Hip Huntsville! Thought you were better than this. What do you have against the kids Carlos?”

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