Tour LPBW’s Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler’s Stunning Arizona Home!

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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have finally moved into their new home in Arizona.

The Little People, Big World couple began their relationship in 2017 after Matt’s split from ex-wife, Amy Roloff. Matt and Amy finalized their divorce in 2015 after close to 27 years of marriage. After their split, Amy moved on with Chris Marek and they made a home for themselves in Oregon. Now Matt and Caryn have moved to their dream home in sunny Arizona. 

While in their home, Matt and Caryn have shared that their daily activities include hanging out on their porch and shopping. Caryn’s parents live a mile and a half away from their house so they can visit often. In a June 2022 episode of Little People, Big World the family’s patriach said, “When I go to Arizona, this is my relax time, my refuge. It’s good for the longevity of my heartbeat.” 

Matt has said before that being at the Roloff Farms had become tiresome for him at his age. Matt said he would split his time between his farm and Arizona, admitting that he would miss it too much. He said, “There’s no way I could be away from my grandbabies for more than a couple weeks at a time.” Despite his move to Arizona, Matt is still the owner of the Roloff farms. 

Matt Roloff

In a 2018 Facebook Live, Matt Roloff explained his plans for his and Caryn’s new home. “I do enjoy the heat and the low humidity, so I bought a house down here. It’s kind of an investment property and something to play around with. Instead of going to hotels and staying at different places, I can have one location very conducive to my short stature.”

When Amy and Chris got married, Matt and Caryn gifted the new couple with plane tickets to visit them in Arizona. Amy, however, said it was not easy to visit them in their new home since Matt is still her ex and they were together for a long time. “There’s just too much history for me,” the matriarch told producers in June 2022. “It is my ex. It is his girlfriend, and I don’t wanna pretend, or put on a facade that this is happy-go-lucky and nothing has happened.”

Caryn admitted that her relationship with Amy has come a long way. She added, “I suppose there’s a small component that might be awkward, but we’re all adults.” Matt and Amy share four children together, Zach, Molly, Jacob, and Jeremy. 

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