‘Black Ink Crew’s” Tatti Ritter Claims Ceaser Emanuel’s Ex Suzette Exploited The Fired VH1 Star!

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Black Ink Crew star, Tatti Ritter, had plenty to say after the firing of Ceaser Emanuel. VH1 fired the tattoo artist after a leaked Ring security video revealed Ceaser seemingly abusing his dog. The network announced its decision to fire Ceaser the day after the two-minute video went viral on social media. He had been part of the VH1 reality show for nearly a decade. 

Ceaser’s rep confirmed to TMZ last week that his client had been questioned by Fulton County Animal Services and local police. The New York-based tattoo artist claimed that his “crazy” behavior was actually an attempt to break up a fight between his dogs. Ceaser’s rep said that police found that his animals were “safe, healthy and show no signs of abuse.”

Donna Lombardi

Former Black Ink Crew star, Donna Lombardi, shared the video on social media and called for the network to fire her former boss. 

Lombardi said—“If you can treat a dog like this, it shows how sick of a person you truly are. I don’t even get into the life of this man, but this video made me so upset. Anyone who knows me, know I LOVE animals. Especially dogs.”

Ceaser Emanuel

Ceaser later blamed a scorned ex for leaking the video, and claimed he had been set up, during an appearance on the “OnTheRadar” podcast. The woman was not identified, but many believe that Ceaser’s ex, Suzette Samuel, is the alleged mystery snitch.   

Ceaser implied that the incident happened years ago, and that the footage had been “dangled” over his head. 

“They always dangled it over my head,” Ceaser said. “You know how it felt having that dangled over your head? Like yo, you bugging. And it’s for years. And finally, after I say I’m single, the next day that drops.” 

Tatti Ritter

Tatti took to social media to sound off about the messy drama surrounding Ceaser.

She said—“Ceaser went on Instagram and he answered all these f*cking questions, right? It’s pretty evident that he’s single now, right? He made that pretty f*cking obvious in his story. So now you got Suzette who’s his ex-girlfriend who has also spent a significant amount of time with this man, bought a house, they live together. They went through the f*cking most, right?”

“So she’s hurting, okay? Ceaser goes on his story and announces that he’s single. Now this girl, this woman takes videos that she been had…been had in her pocket, and exploits Ceaser. So no matter what, it’s disgusting.”

Ceaser Emanuel

“No matter how you look at it, I’m not justifying nobody’s f*cking actions or none of that. No matter how you f*cking look at it, it’s a disgusting act. It’s wild.”

“So shorty’s mad, Shorty’s heart is broken. And she leaks this video, right? Now what gets me is these videos are old. These videos happened a minute ago. So you know that he did this and you stayed with him. For me, that’s the crazy part. It’s that you knew this happened. You knew, and you decided to stay with him. And now that your heart is broken you decide to leak the video? That’s crazy.”

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