Kenya Moore Says Kandi Burruss Tried To Set Her Up!

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Kandi Burruss has been feeling the heat from her co-stars as Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta unfolds.

Marlo Hampton has dissed Kandi in recent weeks, accusing her co-star of “coasting” as a longtime cast member. Kandi was one of Marlo’s most vocal supporters in her quest for a full-time peach, but that didn’t stop Marlo from calling her cast mate a “hoe,” who does little to advance “Black culture.” Shereé Whitfield cosigned Marlo’s insults and chimed in with her own criticisms. Shereé told Carlos King that she believed that Kandi had too much pull on the show, and pushed for the return of Phaedra Parks. Fans know that Kandi has refused to sit on the same cast as Phaedra. 

Kandi Burruss

Kandi has suspected that the duo is determined to make her look bad, and while her friendship with Kenya Moore has remained on solid ground, tensions began to rise between the two during a cast trip to New York. 

Kandi planned the NYC trip, as she wanted the ladies to see her Broadway play, “Thoughts of a Colored Man.” The play was a hit with the cast, but the same couldn’t be said for Kandi’s “vibrating panties” game. Marlo and Kenya, who were not on board with playing along with other women’s husbands, decided to bail on the game, calling it inappropriate for single women. 

Kandi and Kenya hashed out their disagreement during Sunday’s episode, and further addressed the matter during the After Show. Kenya pointed out that Kandi could have been more considerate, in light of her Season 5 drama with Phaedra Parks’ then-husband, Apollo Nida.

Kenya said to Shereé and a producer—“I mean you know. Was she there during all the Apollo stuff…season 5? It was just like all this empty rhetoric about me flirting with Apollo, me doing this with Apollo, me doing the inappropriate things with men and it just blew out of control.”

Kenya Moore

Kenya added—“And Apollo did come back later and apologize for lying on me and things like that.”

“So he came back and apologized but it’s like you are still putting me in a situation around married men to set me up to look…for failure basically, to look bad,” Kenya added. “And you should know better because you lived through what I had been put through and now that we’re friends, you should be a little bit more sensitive to the situations you’re putting me through.”

Kandi Burruss

Kandi acknowledged Kenya’s sensitivity on the subject, but encouraged her to lighten up.  

Kandi said—“Now I understand…I feel like people have tried to drag her in the past situation long years ago…we don’t want to name certain people from the past and the drama Kenya has had to go through with her name and her getting dragged for people accusing her of tryna get at people’s husbands or whatever.”

“So I guess sometimes she’s still sensitive about that subject so you know I’m not gonna take offense,” she continued. “But friend, I’ma need you to stop tryna be all extra when I was just tryna have fun. I was just tryna have a good time. Really, I looked at it as a fun game to play on the trip.”

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