Erica Mena Accuses Ex Safaree Of Seducing 15-Year Old Minor!

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Erica Mena is blasting her ex, Safaree Samuels, on social media and revealing a lot of secrets!

Kimbella Matos

Erica went after her baby daddy by revealing their private texts to her over 5 million Instagram followers. The former video vixen has been feuding with Samuels since he moved on with Kimbella Matos. To get back at him, Erica leaked texts between her and Safaree’s sex life and more. She also accused Samuels of messing with a 15-year-old girl. 

It all started when Erica went after Kimbella and called her a prostitute which led to Kimbella firing back. Matos claimed Mena “slept with the entire industry for free” and also accused her of stalking them by using fake accounts. Kimbella posted screenshots with the caption, “All you do is text his phone about me! Give it up!” In the texts, Safaree replied to Erica, asking about his girl saying, “Damn, you’re really obsessed with her, watching her every move from your fake pages and not letting up. Nobody is thinking about you at all. I just want time with my kids thanks.”

Safaree also called Erica a deadbeat, claiming that he only saw her son “5 times” during their 3-year relationship. Erica Mena fired back at the texts and accused Safaree of messing with DJ Self’s daughter. “Safaree while we here tell @djself what you was doing with his daughter at 15 a few years back.”

In another leaked screenshot about Safaree’s sexual preferences in the bedroom, Erica says, “The many reasons why I left his sick ass. Good luck. he is a sick in the head bastard. Enjoy it tho. I’m sure you will strap it on to get a phone bill paid.” In the texts, Safaree seemed like he wanted to reconcile with the mother of his kids, texting, “I miss you. I feel very sad and empty right now. I’m driving and crying right now. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be saying any of this to you. Your mind is made up.” 

Mena leaked these texts to hurt Kimbella saying, “You might want to show your whore what you really be on behind her back.” Despite Erica Mena exposing Safaree for his past actions, fans weren’t so quick to support her. One fan tweeted, “Women will support a toxic/bad man until he stops benefiting them and then they try to expose him…ma’am you knew he messed w/ a 15 yrs old and still gave ‘em a daughter.” 

Erica Mena

Other people who gave their opinion on the situation advised Erica to be careful exposing Safaree since it will affect their children. Safaree and Mena have two kids together, Safire Majesty and Legend.

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