‘LPBW’ Fans Slam Tori And Zach For Not Taking Son Jackson To Physical Therapy After Surgery!

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In the recent episode of Little People, Big World, viewers saw Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, Jackson, struggle to walk after surgery, and they were not happy about it. On Tuesday, people watched as Zach spent the day outside with his family decorating for Christmas. Zach admitted that his son Jackson wanted to help out so they let him join shortly after his surgery. 

Tori Roloff

During a confessional, Zach and Tori revealed that they think their son’s condition became worse after the surgery. The parents noted that Jackson was not up to walking as much as their doctor suggested he would be. The LPBW stars even suggested that his legs seemed worse and that he is turning them in more than before.

Tori and Zach suggested that maybe he was “overcompensating” and trying to “protect” his ankles after the operation. Viewers weren’t happy to see Jackson in pain and expressed their worry on Twitter. One fan said, “Maybe Jackson should be wearing proper length pants so he doesn’t have to walk on the bottom of them. No wonder he was so unsteady and walking on the edge of his feet after his surgery.”

Jackson Roloff

Another Little People, Big World fan spoke about Jackson’s condition adding, “Can they clean up he can not walk going around all of that junk on the porch I’d have my baby tight back at that hospital the surgery was supposed to be less invasive he’s not even himself.” A third fan said, “Jackson needs physical therapy! Hard to believe his doctors didn’t require that for rehabilitation.”

Zach Roloff

Later in the episode, Tori and Zach took their son for a post-op visit and expressed their fears for their son. While Zach was speaking to his mother, Amy Roloff, he shared his worries about Jackson getting worse. Jackson wasn’t due at the doctor until six months after his operation. Tori added in a confessional, “There is legitimately something wrong. He is not progressing like they said.”

Jackson Roloff

When Tori was asked by fans about Jackson’s condition, she had a positive response. One person asked the LPBW star how he is doing after surgery and she answered. “Dude is killin it! I would say he’s back to normal. We won’t know how successful the surgery was for a couple of years. As it’s something that happens slowly and over time.”

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