’90 Day Fiancé’ Jibri’s Bandmate Blames Miona For His Erratic Behavior!

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In an exclusive clip of Sunday’s episode of 90 Day FiancéJibri and his bandmate get into a heated argument and end up fighting. 

The clip opens with Jibri and David, in the studio ready to record a session. Somehow, Miona becomes a topic of their conversation and they end up fighting with each other. Jibri shouted at David, “We don’t need to talk about this right now!” Jibri yells as he tackles his bandmate, “We need to f—ing record this s—!”

David yelled back at him that it was what he was trying to do. After the two are separated from each other David goes in on Jibri and his relationship with Miona. The Black Serbs member insist Miona is the reason Jibri can’t focus. “How we gonna do music? Can’t even focus in the studio, talking about Miona.” he continued shouting, “You see how he gets mad? Because of Miona. Everything [is because of] Miona.”

David tells his bandmates in another scene that he thinks Miona wants to keep Jibri all to himself. “I feel like she’s trying to have him for herself,” he says. “Like, she’s not letting him be him, you know? She’s, like, slowing him down so much. We can’t record! We can’t do nothing.” In his own interview, David insists all the blame is on Miona since she is the cause of all conflict. 

David said, “She is the source of his erratic behavior.” He continued, “I don’t know if she’s adding that to him, or if he’s doing it himself, but she’s a factor in that — and it’s just very concerning.” Jibri said in a confessional that David needs to stop bringing up Miona and instead work on their music. “David needs to shut the hell up when we’re in the studio. Like, man, we gotta work.”

Jibri Bell

This is not the first time Jibri and David are fighting. When the 90 Day Fiancé star left Rapid City to go make music with his band, The Black Serbs. The two best friends almost got into a verbal fight after David offered Jibri a job at his trucking company, but he refused. Instead, Jibri wanted to depend on his creative abilities to make money.

”We’ll finish the music but, like, how y’all gonna survive?” David asked. “You got to get a job, you got to make money.” When he presses about their financial situation, Miona defended her man and said, “I have Jibri’s best intentions. I love him, he’s my family.”

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