RHOC: Kelly Dodd Claims Former Producer Said Working With Heather Dubrow Was A Nightmare!

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Kelly Dodd claims a former Bravo employee said that Heather Dubrow is difficult to work with!

Dodd began by saying, “I got some gossip, my old executive producer, Thomas Kelly, will not be on ‘Orange County,’ he called all of us and he said that ‘Heather Dubrow is diabolical!” The former Real Housewives of Orange County star was joined by her husband, Rick Leventhal, in the May 2022 YouTube video. Dodd went on to claim that Thomas was very unhappy while working with Dubrow. 

Kelly Dodd

The RHOC alum added, “I said go on my show, but he’s afraid it might be like — ‘Thomas, we want you to tell all about Heather Dubrow and how much of a nightmare she was working with.’ And I would really, really love for Thomas Kelly to come on my show and explain how much of a nightmare and how everybody was scared of Heather. And Bravo did put all their eggs in one basket and he scared them into not doing it again.”

Heather Dubrow

Kelly also claimed that Thomas Kelly wouldn’t return to The Real Housewives of Orange County as a producer for season 17. Leventhal said, “The ratings took a nosedive and he took the fall apparently.” Dodd added, “Heather Dubrow’s back.” This is not the first drama Bravo fans are hearing about between Heather and one of the RHOC staff. 

During season 16 of the reality series, Noella Bergener accused Heather of shoving one of the staff members during her ill-fated dinner party in episode 2. Bergener repeated her claims when she appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County After Show in April. The mother of two said, “The person was running from it like mere seconds when it was happening told me. So I was trying to own it as my own if I could just put it out there that I completely, I made that experience my own so that way I could just make what happened make more sense I will own that.”

During a February 2022 episode of the ‘Discretion Advised’ podcast, Kelly Dodd claimed she had information about the incident. Kelly said, “Dubrow apparently pushed somebody and then somebody from production told Noella and that person in production got fired… Noella said she didn’t see it but a producer ran up to her and told her what happened.”

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