Pumpkin BLASTS Mama June For Neglecting Her Newborn TWIN Grandchildren As She Juggles FIVE Kids!

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Mama June Shannon has caused her daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, distress by being absent in the weeks after the birth of the 22-year-old’s twins, according to a new report by The Sun. 

Mama June Shannon

A source told the outlet that Pumpkin is angry at the Mama June: Road to Redemption star for supposedly not visiting once since meeting her two new grandchildren in the hospital, in May. Pumpkin is also mom to two additional children, Ella, 3, and Bentley, 10 months. Pumpkin and her husband, Josh Efird, welcomed a baby boy and a baby girl, via cesarean section, on May 16.

June has not been by to see Pumpkin or the babies since they’ve been home,” the insider said. “She hasn’t been to their house to check on her or try to help.”

June currently lives in Alabama with her new husband, Justin Stroud. Justin is reportedly embroiled in legal issues that are preventing him from residing out of state. The source said that both Josh and Pumpkin remain at odds with June. 

An insider close to June, 42, defended the reality star, pointing out that she and her new husband visited the babies after they were born, at the hospital. The source claimed that June was planning a visit in the near future. 

Lauryn Shannon

Pumpkin angrily sounded off on her private Facebook page about a week after giving birth, seemingly taking shots at her mother. 

“Just putting this out into the air but it’s literally up to NO ONE but YOU to make sure you have a relationship with your grandkids, niece, nephew- etc. And if you don’t, you got no one to blame but you.”

“If you wanna see them, drive. If you wanna call them, call. It is not- I repeat NOT up to the PARENT to make sure you know their child.”

“They are way too busy raising said child/children & already being active in their lives to worry about how active you are.”

An insider confirmed last month that the twins arrived “happy and healthy” with the girl weighing in at 6 pounds 1 oz and the boy weighing 5 pounds 4 oz. 

“Kids won’t miss who they don’t know. The end.”

Mama June

June was recently ordered to pay Pumpkin $800 monthly in child support after the young mother was awarded custody of June’s youngest child, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.  

The final custody order, issued in April 2022, noted that Pumpkin has had guardianship of Alana, 16, since April 29, 2019. 

“It is in the best interest of the child that the plaintiff is awarded sole custody.”  

Mama June

June was ordered to pay the monthly figure beginning on May 1, and every month thereafter until Alana turns 18. Pumpkin now has the legal authority to make every day as well as major decisions for her sister. The mom of four will also allow “visitation between the defendant [June] and the minor [Alana]” at her discretion.

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