Lisa Rinna’s Sinister Plot To Take DOWN Kathy Hilton Exposed By Hired Hitman!

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The drama is heating up between Lisa Rinna and marketing manager, Patrick Somers. 

Patrick recently alleged that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was behind “concocting” the feud between herself and co-star, Kathy Hilton. 

“What was put in front of you was all manufactured in hopes of pushing [Rinna’s] storyline for next season,” Somers alleged in a video posted on Instagram Monday, in response to rumors claiming that Kathy had hired him to harass Rinna on social media. 

“It’s not true. Kathy Hilton did not have any involvement,” Somers stated, adding— “It was strictly me and Lisa Rinna concocting this plan. It just went south really fast and so did our friendship. We’re no longer friends.”

Lisa Rinna

Sources in Rinna’s camp are refuting the allegations, telling Page Six that she doesn’t even know Somers. Rinna said the same on her Instagram Story, ahead of the release of Somers’ video.

“Ok bravo detectives find out who this Patrick is – (he’s fake allegedly) and who hired him to take attention off the DM’s of mine that came out -for the record it wasn’t me- I don’t know this guy it’s all lies and I want this exposed please!” she wrote. 

Rinna encouraged her followers to investigate the situation. 

“You are the best detectives out there,” she said. “So do your due diligence!!! Time to clear my name of this bulls—t.” 

Lisa Rinna

Sources have reportedly said the same about Kathy—that she never had any personal or professional involvement with Somers. 

Last week, Rinna posted since-deleted screenshots of a direct message exchange that seemingly occurred between marketing pro, Patrick Somers, and Bravo fan account “Your Moms Are Watching” in which he implied that Kathy hired him to smear Rinna in the press. 

“I have tea. I just DMed with Patrick Somers, that kid that sent Rinna a text last weekend threatening her,” the fan account wrote on Instagram on Thursday, June 2. “Rinna then posted the text and the kid posted Rinna’s number and it became a big thing. Well, he just admitted to me KATHY HILTON PAID HIM TO DO THIS.”

Somers didn’t confirm that he was hired to distract from an alleged incident that occurred during a cast trip to Aspen but did state that he was asked to “pull attention away from my client. I did that.”

The since-deleted Instagram post explained the terms of Patrick’s alleged arrangement with Kathy, 63. 

“My latest assignment was executed against Lisa Rinna. I never reveal a clients [sic] personal information per my NDA agreement,” he wrote. “My latest marketing campaign was to draw attention away from my client … That’s exactly what I did. All narratives associated with my latest campaign are false. I was compensated $27,527.72 for my work.” 

Lisa Rinna

Somers also claimed that all of the negative stories about Rinna were “planted” and that she was not embroiled in lawsuits or involved in any new reality shows.

He added—“And frankly I’ve never met Lisa Rinna.”

Somers later claimed that his disassociation from Rinna was part of their strategy.

“We developed a personal relationship,” Somers said on Monday. “Really, this tale is a tale of two friends that got together, that had no idea what they were doing and wanted to stir some drama up.” 

Kathy Hilton

“What I didn’t know in our plan was she was actually going to expose my real phone number. It was never supposed to be my real phone number. And I think that’s what people need to understand. So yes, I released her real phone number,” he said. 

“I thought she was going to blur out my number and just post the text message in hopes that people would then link it to Kathy Hilton because she is alleging that Kathy said some not-so-nice remarks and that was going to fuel her storyline for next season.”

Watch Patrick’s video below!

Kathy was accused of firing off a homophobic remark while speaking about Sutton Stracke’s assistant, Josh, during a cast trip to Colorado. Sutton later denied the claim on social media.

“He executes everything we do around here with grace and style, and we have fun while doing it!” Sutton wrote on Instagram in March, alongside a pic snapped with Josh and Kathy. 

She added—“And @kathyhilton has been nothing but kind and respectful to him.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET, on Bravo. 

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