‘RHOA’ RECAP: Kenya Moore Accuses Drew Sidora Of Running A Ponzi Scheme!

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Welcome back sweet peaches to a brand-new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! It’s night one of Kandi Burruss trip to New York, and the crew is at the table getting to the meat and potatoes of Drew Sidora’s messy assistant, Anthony. Shereé Whitfield is tired of being accused of making things up and reveals texts from Anthony, where he indicated having tea on Drew’s husband, Ralph Pittman Jr. Once Shereé drops the evidence for the entire table to see, she drops the bombshell that Anthony told her that Ralph was gay. Ralph laughs it off, but Drew looks mortified and says Shereé’s being messy. Kenya Moore wants to know how, since the facts remain the same. Sanya Richards-Ross takes up for Shereé and tells Drew that her anger is misplaced.

Sanya admits in her confessional to being conflicted in her friendship with Drew. Sanya wants to stick her neck out for Drew but doesn’t agree with the way she moves. Back at the table, Marlo Hampton asks Drew whether she was wrong, and Drew apologized for her misstep in communication. Shereé, however, wants an apology for Drew putting her hands in Shereé’s face. Drew apologizes and gives Shereé a fake high-five that no one believes. Ralph’s confused about how his name ended up in the mess and Shereé tells the crew that Anthony talks about a lot of people. Kenya continues stepping up for Shereé and tells The Pittmans that Shereé never disclosed the gay rumors. Shereé’s still salty at Kandi for not coming straight to her when Drew started spreading misinformation. Kandi and Drew agree that Drew originally didn’t know what to do, but ultimately things spiraled downhill. 

Kandi apologizes to Shereé, but Shereé only half believes Kandi’s sincerity. The food finally comes out and the crew begins enjoying their night. A phone begins buzzing off the hook to the point where it’s obvious that  Kenya’s in a heated exchange with Marc Daly. Kenya excuses herself from the table and Marlo follows behind to make sure she’s okay (and to get more camera time, let’s be real). Kandi asks Shereé why Kenya left and Shereé’s just as clueless as everyone else. Away from the table, Kenya shows Marlo the text messages from Marc and explains in her confessional that she and Marc had an agreement regarding returning Brooklyn to Kenya. Now, at the last minute, Marc must work and wants Kenya to drive across the bridge to pick up Brooklyn herself. 

Marlo says Marc is just being evil and Kenya continues expressing her frustration as Kandi walks up. Kandi tells Kenya it may be time to pull back and allow Marc to show that he wants Brooklyn. Kenya says she can’t do that and wants to continue working on her co-parenting relationship with Marc. Marlo walks Kenya back to the table and tells her to not let Marc bother her anymore. Shereé makes sure Brooklyn’s okay, but Kenya seems to shut down while Sanya asks Shereé whether Tyrone Gilliams is visiting the next day. Shereé tells Sanya that Tyrone submitted his request to visit and tries to sugarcoat that her man’s on house arrest. Tyrone can leave up to 100 miles, and New York makes the cut. The crew’s excited for Kandi’s play and for Shereé to spend time with her boo. The trip is going well so far before Marlo opens her big mouth, SMH. 

Marlo proceeds to tell Kandi that her “sex stuff” is getting too out of hand and the table is speechless. Kandi is as confused as everyone else as Marlo further explains herself. Marlo understands that sex is Kandi’s brand but doesn’t appreciate the vibrating panties she received from Kandi. Kandi thinks Marlo should loosen up and explains she thought it would be a fun game. Marlo tells Todd Tucker to let Kandi know he wants to have sex more. Marlo keeps throwing Kandi’s business out there and Kandi finally had enough! “Why don’t you start f***ing and then tell me what I should do with mine,” Kandi says as Kenya snickers beside her. Marlo tries to reel it back by complimenting Kandi on her jobs, but Marlo missed the mark. 

Marlo begins putting her fur on and tells the crew that she takes Cash App for her marriage counseling services. The dinner is over and everyone heads back to the hotel to sleep. The next morning, everyone’s getting dressed as Kandi lets Todd know that she has to meet with the play executives as Todd gets ready to hit the gym with Ralph. Kenya’s spending time with Brooklyn as Sanya and Ross eat before starting their day. Sanya’s about to meet up with Kenya and fills Ross in on Kenya’s issues with Marc. Kandi meets with her play executives to check in and figure out what the next plan is. The executives show Kandi the advance ticket sales and Kandi is ecstatic! Sanya and Kenya take a stroll through the New York streets and Sanya tells Kenya how she used to live in New York for seven years. Ross used to play for the New York Giants and Sanya begins blushing over her hubby’s accomplishments. 

Sanya asks Kenya about last night and Kenya opens up and tells Sanya that Marc always makes her feel like she’s doing something wrong. Kenya thinks it should all be so simple and doesn’t understand the gaslighting Marc’s putting her through. Kenya admits to Sanya that she feels bad for Drew because of how she went off on Ralph. Sanya understands but tells Kenya if Ralph were Ross, she’d go with her, LOL. Kenya tried to get Ralph to understand her POV, but once Kenya was triggered, it was over for Ralph! Sanya feels like Drew has some accountability in her situation with Ralph as well and admits to being confused when it comes to her friendship with Drew. The entire Shereé and messy assistant drama rubbed Sanya the wrong way and Sanya shades Drew on her weight-loss program. 

Sanya tells Kenya that Drew is helping thousands of people lose thousands of pounds, but Kenya doesn’t know how that works since a surgeon cut off Drew’s stomach. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor! That was funny, LOL. Sanya doesn’t understand Drew’s program and Kenya says she gets the same vibe from both Ralph and Drew. Sanya really likes Drew but maybe she doesn’t know Drew as well as she thought. The two ladies put their conversation on hold and stop to get something to eat. Meanwhile, Shereé’s chatting with Kandi on the whereabouts of Tyrone.  

Shereé tells Kandi that Tyrone’s been approved to visit but she’s not sure if he’s going to make it this time. Although Tyrone can travel to New York (since it’s so close to the 100-mile radius), he decided not to chance it. Later, the crew gets ready and heads to dinner together. Once everyone’s seated, Kenya asks Marlo to hand over her coat and although Marlo complained about it, she still obliged. Somehow that prompted Marlo to begin speaking about her styling abilities and Drew begins inquiring about Marlo’s resume. Marlo dresses celebrities and even gives us some tea about her prior relationship with music producer, Jazze Pha. Kenya then begins a game asking who’s the most famous person to hit on you. Kandi reveals being in a relationship with Gerald Levert and Drew claims to have dated LeBron James.

As the food arrives, Drew continues to tell the table how Mr. James flew her out to games and even listened to her music before his games. Drew claims this was before he was married, but we all know Drew’s telling a big ole lie right now. Marlo names rockstar, Gene Simmons, and gets upset that no one knows who he is. It’s Kenya’s turn as she gets up and does a Prince impersonation. Drew doesn’t believe Kenya and decides to save her opinion for her confessional as Marlo redirects the conversation to Tyrone. Shereé admits that Tyrone will not make it and Drew wants to know why. Shereé gives a blanket excuse and tells the crew that she’s flying to Philadelphia the next day to see Tyrone. Kenya pushes Shereé for more answers but Shereé is staying quiet. 

Kandi’s play is about to start so the crew wraps up dinner and heads out. It’s one hour until showtime and before heading to the sprinter, Kandi shows the ladies how her gift works. Everyone’s dressed and ready to support Kandi on her big night as they make their way onto the sprinter. Kandi turns Marlo’s panties on and surprisingly Marlo doesn’t feel it at first. Kandi thinks Marlo is faking it but continues with the game. Sanya’s panties are going off and Kandi reveals that the remotes control more than one set of panties. SMH, messy! The crew arrives at the show on time and afterward, everyone compliments Kandi on a job well done. 

On the sprinter, the crew discuss their favorite parts of the play and seem to genuinely bond. Back at the hotel, Kandi instructs everyone to change and meet downstairs. Kenya and Shereé arrive first, and Shereé informs Kenya about the faulty remote controls. Kenya doesn’t want a random person playing with her and I don’t blame her. Marlo comes downstairs drinking and belching as Kenya walks away from her disgusted.  

They talk etiquette for a bit before inquiring where Ralph is from. Marlo thinks Drew and Ralph have a weird relationship and Kenya brings up ‘Drop it with Drew.’ Shereé calls Drew a fraud since Drew had a mommy makeover instead of losing the weight herself. Marlo checks out Drew’s website and then the website stopped working suddenly. Everyone else arrives and Kenya apologizes to Ralph for offending him. Ralph appreciates the apology and Todd takes the men away so the ladies can talk. Drew asks Shereé if they’re good and Sanya admits to the group about the conversation with Kenya earlier. Sanya begins explaining herself and Drew starts to act dumb. 

Shereé Whitfield

Sanya tells Drew that she’s feeling conflicted because of the way Drew put her hand in Shereé’s face. Drew becomes defensive and asks Sanya why she didn’t mention anything earlier. Sanya didn’t think earlier was the best time and reiterated that Drew seems stressed because of her marriage. Drew continues deflecting and the conversation isn’t going anywhere. Marlo brings up Drew’s website and Drew says the website crashed. Drew admits to having a mommy makeover but claims she had to for health reasons. Marlo wonders if Drew’s working out to just maintain but Drew said it’s for health. Drew explains her workout camp, and no one understands. 

Kandi wants to make sure Drew’s business is legit and Drew’s not doing a good job of convincing them. Shereé excuses herself to speak to Tyrone and Drew continues pulling up her fake meal plans. Sanya’s still not good and the ladies put that conversation on hold to get a glimpse of Tyrone. The next day, everyone’s checking in on their kids and getting ready for the day as Shereé takes off to Philadelphia.  Shereé’s excited to see her boo but we all know what’s about to happen. Shereé makes it to Philly, but can’t seem to get ahold of Tyrone once she arrives. Shereé goes to the restaurant to wait on Tyrone and chats with her daughter, but he never shows up. Producers find out Tyrone can’t make it due to a parole violation. Shereé calls Kenya and expresses her frustration. Shereé gets emotional and Kenya comforts Shereé. Shereé hangs up with Kenya and asks for the check, leaving empty-handed. Poor Shereé! Let’s see how this works out and be sure to come back next week! 


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