Nanny Faye Involved In Todd & Julie Christley’s Fraud Case, Forced To Testify Against Son!

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Todd Chrisley’s mother testified in Todd and Julie Chrisley’s fraud trial and revealed some shocking details. 

Todd and Julie were indicted on 12 counts of bank and wire fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy in August 2019. On Wednesday, the defense team called on Todd’s mother, Elizabeth ‘Nanny Faye’ Chrisley, to testify about what she knew concerning her son’s fraud. Elizabeth, 78, said she doesn’t read most documents presented to her and just signs. The prosecutors presented Elizabeth with financial records that stated she was the owner of 7C’s production company which is a loan company that pays the family for their reality show.

Nanny Faye admitted to signing the documents but not knowing anything about the company’s content. Prosecutors allege Julie Chrisley signed off the company to her mother-in-law in order to continue defrauding the IRS. They also accused Todd and his wife of rerouting their income from Chrisley Knows Best to Faye’s account after the IRS began investigating them. 

Todd Chrisley

According to reports, Nanny Faye is listed as the company’s president, shareholder, and member of the board of the company with documents bearing her signature. In regards to that, Elizabeth says she gave her son and daughter-in-law access to her account when they were going through a hard time. According to the South Carolina native, her son was going through a lot after Mark Braddock stole from them. 

When Nanny Faye was presented with application documents for financing a Bentley sent in by Todd and Julie, in her name, she denied knowing anything about it. “I’ve got a lot of age on me, a lot of water under the bridge. So, I don’t remember some things.” Todd and Julie have denied all the charges brought against them and instead decided to forgo testifying on their own behalf. 

Todd’s former partner, Mark, who allegedly stole from the reality star, was granted immunity for his testimony. Mark had admitted to committing bank fraud on behalf of Todd to get more money. He added that he only agreed to commit the fraud because of his affair with the Chrisley Knows Best star. “I was complicit in giving him what he needed. We had a personal relationship of an intimate nature,” he said. “I would do whatever he needed to get done.” Todd Chrisley fired Mark Braddock in 2012 after alleging he stole money from his family. 

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