Todd Chrisley’s Former Employee Claims She Sabotaged His Life At The Direction of His Gay Lover!

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One of Todd Chrisley’s former employees testified that she was directed to sabotage his life by Mark Braddock.

Mark Braddock

Todd Chrisley’s trial is still ongoing and more witnesses are revealing secrets about his company’s finances. Donna Cash testified on Tuesday that she was convinced by Mark to destroy the Chrisleys’ lives. Donna worked for Todd’s asset management company where she claims to have committed fraud. Donna testified this week that she sent fake documents to loan companies to lie about the financial state of the company — all under the direction of her boss at the time who was Mark. 

Donna Cash said that she eventually stopped because she knew what she was doing was wrong. “I was helping to destroy the Chrisley family,” she said. “I did what I did and if I got punished, so be it.” Cash testified that she was hired in 2008 to be Todd’s assistant but ended up working for Mark. This is because he told her that Todd thought she “couldn’t keep up” with being his assistant and was “useless.”

Todd Chrisley

Cash later found out that the Chrisley Knows Best star never said those words. While working for Mark, the former employee says that he told her to sign documents as Todd Chrisley. He also instructed her to tell the TV star that his 2009 taxes were paid when they weren’t. Donna added that Mark had access to listen to voicemails left on Todd Chrisley’s home and personal cell phones and that he’d delete any messages from banks. 

Donna testified to having a change of heart after she realized Todd would be coming home with his children to a foreclosed house. To avoid that, Cash called Todd and revealed everything to him. “Both Mark and I were lying to him about everything that was going on.” Despite what she had done, Cash explained that Todd didn’t fire her but he did launch an investigation into the matter.  She remained an employee and kept the Chrisley Knows Best star in the loop of what Braddock was doing.

Cash said that Mark Braddock told her to “never ever tell Todd what you’re doing in this office,” and if she did, she would be fired and go to jail.” She explained the reason she thinks Mark wanted to ruin Todd. Braddock “hated the Chrisleys,” she added. “Jealous. So jealous. He wanted his name on the door,” she continued. The case’s prosecutors are suspicious of Donna’s intentions, though. They revealed several audio recordings and interviews from Cash about her role which contradicted her Tuesday testimony. 

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